Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Used D600 for $1200 seems more balanced

Horshack wrote:

yray wrote:

Horshack wrote:

  • 2 stops higher dynamic range at base ISO, 1 stop higher dynamic range at High ISO, close to 1 stop better High ISO noise in midtones
  • No High ISO blooming issue
  • No low ISO banding
  • 24MP when needed, modest processing overhead when not
  • Despite cheaper feeling build, haven't read many reports of D600's failing
  • Better Live View
  • Better Video
  • Better LCD
  • Better Auto ISO
  • Better low-light AF
  • Lighter
  • Quieter shutter
  • Lifetime shutter replacement courtesy of Nikon

You forgot to mention that D600 got a second tier AF, and a third tier ergonomics and build quality (not even starting with fps and buffer for those who need it). If I forgot about the QC and oil on the sensor, I still could only think of a D600 as a very mediocre camera, -- not from the point of view of IQ, -- but from just about any other point of view. The D600 has a good sensor (when clean), but that's about it, as far as I'm concerned. Call me a snob or what you will, but when I hold D700 in my hands I feel that it exudes quality from every waterproof pore of its rugged metal body. For me -- it is a totally different experience, and I have zero interest in a D600/610. Case in point, I happen to have a D300 and a D7000. The D7000 arguably has a better sensor (though color sucks big time IMO), but it spends most of its time in a drawer, while the ancient D300 is my DX camera of choice. I would argue that the D7000 stands to the D300 in roughly the same relation as D600 to D700 -- an updated sensor, and cheaper in look, feel, and every other way.

I can' recall the last OOF shot I got with my D600. Outside of not having 100% click to zoom I don't see any shortcomings in the D600's ergonomics. I understand some prefer the 'feel' of 'better build quality', but if that can't be translated into the camera actually lasting longer or taking more abuse then it's just a subjective luxury designation. Luxury is nice but for me not worth the IQ tradeoff.

Personally I think the "all magnesium alloy" body thing is more for marketing purposes than for actually making the camera significantly more durable.

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