Fuji ISO Cheat?

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Graham Hill
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Re: Do other companies know how to accurately assess ISO?
In reply to tesilab, Mar 27, 2014

tesilab wrote:

I just want to preface my remarks by stating that I am a Fuji fan.

As am I.  As big a fan as ANYONE here at this forum.

I tried and really liked the X-T1 and I don't have any problem at all with Fuji's high iso performance. Some of us just have an issue with camera manufacturers not being a little more straight-laced in terms of what they report as an ISO value. It is supposed to be a meaningful number.


Every manufacturer is a bit of an offender, but Fuji (and Olympus, btw) seem to be furthest out of whack.

wyldberi wrote:

Is there any other major camera manufacturer today who has experience producing film stock? Fuji's been doing that for about a century, and before digital cameras began to be reasonable alternatives, Fuji film was possibly being used by more professional photographers than any other brand.

Which has no bearing on this discussion. I actually worked with Fujifilm engineers way back when, when I was still a digital imaging engineer. I know how sharp and experienced they are.

One of the reasons Fuji's JPEG's are so good is this base of knowledge concerning exposure and color compensation that Fujifilm has to work with. It doesn't matter what other companies are doing.

This is just false.

Very false.

A certain amount of light should mean a certain amount of exposure. While there is some transmission loss, and experience photographer knows how much light the full moon is, and everyone knows the sunny-16 rule. No amount of Fuji experience should cancel out the meaning of an ISO value.

Exactly. This is such a fantastic post you have written.

The whole point of ISO is that it is an international standard.

Anyone who works in an ISO certified company knows this.  You don't get to re-define the standards to suit your needs.

Fuji is entitled to their experience, but they aren't entitled to call 100 ISO 200 ISO. And that is really all we are quibbling about here. Fuji will expose your image beautifully, of course, but why the inflated ISO reading?


Gain the experience required to know the gear you own so that you set the proper ISO setting for the available light and setting and subject; that's all that matters.

It would the user of different cameras if he would get similar ISO readings. That's what standards are for.

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