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α6000 & α7R ISO100-6400 JPG+RAW

Started Mar 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Here's what
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wb2trf wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

ijustloveshooting wrote:

im really surprised too see how a6000 petforms at iso6400 comparing to A7R...really great performance.

It's too premature to say, as nobody has yet done any formal testing. At a first glance I don't see anything different about A6000 images compared to NEX-5* or 6. And the other comparison with the Fuji seems to support that. I did a side by side comparison of X-E1 and NEX-5N last year and they were probably 1/2 stop apart in term of noise for the same exposure, and similar result I see here too. So until the formal measurements confirm differently I would expect the A6000 sensor to be very much alike the previous 16MP sensor in terms of noise and DR.

If we are now getting 24mp with the low light performance of 16mp, and nothing more, that is still quite good progress in that dimension. The Nex 7's 24mp was not as good as the 5n's, for example. THE big deal about the A6000 looks like it is the AF performance, but if they manage some high ISO gains as well, that's great.

For my style of shooting, faster AF is a big win, (I could pick up 10% of oof shots), and if I can get 24mp with the high ISO of 16, that gives me better cropping ability. That's a good deal.

Had you read the thread you would have noticed that the discussion was around the noise, not the other issues. But since you raised them, here is my analysis.

If anybody needs more pixels they will get ~22% linear density increase compared to the current 16MP sensors, for most people it will be a wash. In 99% of uses, the resolution is limited by the lenses, not the number of pixels. Also since most people don't print large, they will never see the difference anyway.

If somebody wants a faster AF they will get it. Soccer moms will be happy, the rest -- I'm not that sure. Sony doesn't have a good lens lineup. Sony cameras are the best choice for manual lenses, not for the native ones. I've got Fuji to use with good native lenses, I sold almost all my Sony lenses, they are just mediocre in comparison. But I use Sony with manual lenses, which is a better platform for that. So for all people who use Sony bodies with manual lenses it's also a moot point.

So, what's left? A better grip? -- Yes, but I doubt it's a good reason to upgrade.

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