Corporations are People - Some of the time

Started Mar 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Corporations are People - Some of the time
Mar 24, 2014

Hobby Lobby has gone to Court to block the ability of the Obamacare law to force them to pay for insurance policies that provide birth control for women.

Republicans and the Religious Right have rallied around them. Corporations, after all are people…

Now Corporations are secular organizations which have nothing to do with religion. That is the nature of Corporate Charters. So what is Hobby Lobby's case based on? They say, that the chief shareholders are personally offended and that this violates their religious beliefs.

Now that's an interesting claim. Right now, individual shareholders are IMMUNE from personal liability for crimes that Corporations commit. The Corporatiion can pollute, commit Fraud, murder, indeed ANY crime, but the individual shareholder bare no liability, civil or criminal. In fact that is the purpose of Corporations - To free the individual from individual liability.

So oddly enough, if they win this case they are also opening up an interesting can of worms, The individual shareholder, whether these clowns realize it or not, will now be liable for the actions of Corporations. If the determining factor in what a Corporation "feels" is the feelings of the shareholder, then surely that same shareholder is responsible for the actions of a Corporation. If it is the Shareholder who determines what the Corporation does, then of course they are liable for what the Corporation does.

One can only hope for Their sake that the Court rules otherwise…


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