They may have just found MH370

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Re: If they have...

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Holy crap Robin try it again does raise more questions than it answers. How is it possible for a plane to fly that far if it was a mechanical failure or some sort of "accident"? If it was a deliberate act (and all evidence points in that direction) by someone in order to commit suicide or murder/suicide, why fly the plane until there was no more fuel instead of flying it directly into the ground or water? Surely the longer you fly the plane, the more opportunity there is for you to be overpowered etc. so whatever it is you want to do, the quicker the better?

I agree with you.

However, if the cabin was depressurized or if there was a suffocating smoke that disabled those on board the plane might continue on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel.

Payne Stewart's plane did exactly that a number of years ago after it lost cabin pressure.

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not very good autopilot if it goes in the opposite direction though, it would account for the satellite pings too

If the pilots turned the plane back towards the nearest airport after the failure and before they were overcome it fits.

Again, it fails to take account of the manual switching off of the transponders. It is also unlikely, though not impossible, that the pilot or co-pilot didn't or couldn't send a Mayday or use the radio.

What if there was a fire and it involved the console that contained the transponders.

I believe the transponders were switched off prior to the plane going off course and the two were some distance apart and were switched off within minutes of each other. It also doesn't explain the lack of radio contact.

Suppose were either switched off to try to keep the fire from spreading or disabled by the fire?

Let us suppose a fire erupted in the cockpit disabling the radio etc. and preventing any communication (a very unlikely scenario) but which did not disable the crew long enough for them to disable the transponders.

The fire would have to have been contained or it would have destroyed the plane in much less time than it took to get to the southern Indian Ocean. Even if the fire had killed or disabled the crew, it would have had to selectively destroy the auto pilot and leave all other controls intact or again, it would have crashed much more quickly. If the auto pilot was left on, the plane would not have changed course.

If the objects found in the Indian Ocean are indeed wreckage from the flight, I'm afraid we will have to wait for more evidence before we can know what happened.

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chris, did you see this?

I posted it before. It does not fit exactly with the "facts" as we know them now but then nothing else does either. (and it's very possible that some of those facts will change over time as we learn more).

I still lean towards an electrical fire as the root cause....I think a fire could very possibly have disabled some equipment, disabled the crew (who changed the heading on the auto pilot towards an airport first) but then the fire went out allowing the plane to continue on it's own until the fuel ran out.

Sorry not to respond point by point, but we seem to be talking by each other to a certain extent. .we were getting a bit tangled up in details and assumptions that went into the details.

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I have now read the report and I agree it is the simplest explanation for the "disappearance" of an aeroplane but it is difficult to reconcile the (incomplete and perhaps inaccurate) facts with an electrical fire, especially if the aeroplane crashed where the "debris" was found.

I also agree that without knowing what the precise details of the facts it is impossible to come up with anything plausible with any degree of certainty.

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