A7 Firmware Update, Issues?

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Re: A7 Firmware Update, Issues?

Thanks to all those who responded to this thread.

My camera went dead while downloading the firmware on a Mac.

After following the advice of others on this thread, I was able to fix the problem.

Here are some tips when downloading on a Mac:

1.     Make sure all other programs are shut down, programs like Mail and iTunes.  The mistake I made is that, while downloading the software, I decided to read some emails and listen to music.  Don't do it.  Close everything down.

2.     And, if your camera looks dead, with red light on, it's not.  It's just asleep, caught in the midst of a download that was aborted.

3.    If you have closed all programs down, just start again and follow all instructions as though the camera were not dead-appearing:  Unplug and then replug the USB to the computer; turn the camera to the on position even though it seems dead; and proceed.

It worked.  Again, thanks to all.

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