LONG STORY! Sold some stuff, Pre-ordered A6000

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LONG STORY! Sold some stuff, Pre-ordered A6000
Mar 20, 2014

Yeah, like it's a surprise - I think anyone who knows me and saw my posts knew the A6000 would be tempting me in.

I just got through most of a big unplanned home renovation due to a plumbing leak in a part of my house - my bar's icemaker drain apparently was corroded (37 years old) and has been leaking over a period of weeks or months - it finally started showing through in a back bedroom closet.  This was really annoying since that closet was one I store a bunch of stuff - including my camera cabinet...no damage to anything IN the closet, but the drywall was soaked as was the carpet, and when insurance and inspectors came to tear down the wall and see what was behind, we got the wonderful news that there was mold, and that the wall to the adjoining bathroom was also a goner.  So the past 15 days has been unpacking the entire contents of the walk-in storage closet, the pool bathroom, and the bar (the hammering and drilling of the walls meant all the bar good would crash to the ground since they shared an adjacent wall)...followed by 2-5 men tearing apart two rooms down to the studs, days of big fans and dehumidifiers to kill and dry the mold, and reconstruction of those two rooms.  I got the closet back Saturday, and started reloading it - deciding it would be a good idea to do a spring-cleaning and throw out a lot of the stuff stored in there which went back 20 years.  The bathroom was MOSTLY completed Monday - I'm just waiting for the shower doors to be built and installed hopefully within the next few days, and a window shade to ship which should be here next week.

Phew!  OK, so with that done, I re-discovered that I have too much camera gear I don't use.  I had sitting back in that storage closet my U20, T100, TX1, H1, H5, and A550.  Some may have seen that I bought an RX10 from the SonyStore closing sale for 50% off, and recently my stepfather confirmed he really really wanted it, so I'm selling it to him for the price I bought it for, minus $50 as he said he didn't need the NEX3 anymore and returned it to me.  So add a NEX3 to that list.  On top of that, my DH0758 wide-angle converter from my H5 which unfortunately won't work with any of my lenses via adapter because it has a deep protruding end-glass...so unlike the DH1758 which gets a ton of use, the DH0758 does nothing but gather dust.

So my plan went into effect...a few months ago I traded my Tamron 200-500mm lens into Amazon because they had very strong trade-in value, and put it towards my pre-order of the new Tamron 150-600mm lens which now looks like it may not get here until the summer of 2128...so I started to think about what I could get for some of the old camera gear.  I'm not an eBay user, and am not too big on openly selling gear to strangers through solicitation - I usually only sell to friends or relatives, or coworkers...so trading feels easier and less stressful to me.  I decided the H1 is a little too rough to trade in - the trade in estimate in good condition would only be $40, and it wouldn't be 'good'...so not worth it.  The little P&S cameras won't get anything worthwhile, so no bother with them.  The H5 on the other hand rated an $80 in 'good' and $94 in 'like new' - and I'm confident mine ranks at least 'good' (still in original box, with all caps, adapters wires, batteries, cables, chargers, manuals, etc).  The NEX3 did even better at $150.  For a lark, I tried the DH0758, and it came out at $25.  So what the heck, I went for it.  Estimated value for the two cameras and one adapter will be $250, maybe more if conditions are good enough to merit...for stuff that's going to sit in a spare closet gathering dust.  Pre-ordered the A6000 body only at $649, minus the $250 for the trade in gear, and I end up $400 out of pocket, with a NEX5N as a backup body.  Still have the A550 backup body alongside the A580 too.

I've always been a bit of a camera gear horder, and just keep buying new stuff and keeping or storing the old.  Sometimes I distribute out some stuff to relatives or friends, but at my buying pace, I still end up keeping far too much.  This is becoming a new addiction - I never thought of old electronics having any value, and suddenly it does - even if low.  I thought the only people who can get rid of old gear for cash were eBayers and Craig'sListers willing to go through the whole selling process...but trading in is a low-stress and easy way to do it, even if the numbers are a little low.  Most camera stores that accept trade offer some pretty low numbers - I tried out my Tamron 200-500 trade-in at B&H and KEH.com before I went to Amazon, and both were hitting nearly 50% less than Amazon's estimate...and in my first experience at least, Amazon stayed true to their original quote, so I figured I'd try them again.

Anyway, that's my long story.  Now I'm on the list of those waiting for the A6000 to arrive!

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