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Re: To All You "Masters of Photography" Who Called Me an Idiot...
In reply to Shotcents, Mar 18, 2014

Shotcents wrote:

bbbinohio wrote:

When I got my new D800e I took a few shots and was shocked how out of focus the images were.

When I posted them on this forum and asked for help, several of the most arrogant members told me that I was just another stupid idiot who did not deserve to be on this forum. That I did not know anything about photography and that I should learn to read my owners manual before I opened my mouth and made an obvious fool of myself.

So I just did my best to ignore them and sent my camera into Nikon for focusing issues anyway. Well, to all you "Masters of Photography" here is what Nikon Customer Service found...




I really have nothing left to say... except that I am glad you found the need to criticize me, because it allowed me to block 24 "Masters of Photography", and this forum has been a much nicer place for me to be ever since.


Bob, from Ohio

When it comes to problems with a Nikon camera, you sometimes feel like a scientist arguing with a creationist. It's hard to get beyond utterly blind faith.

Why must both sides believe that the solution to where we came from must be one or the other? The scientific approach borders on that old saw about giving a bunch of monkeys typewriters and eventually they'll type Shakespeare. I submit the truth is something we haven't even considered yet.

I also took heat for posting about the D800 AF issues. As time went on I was proven right as more and more experienced shooters posted about the same specific problems.

My D800 still has poor AF on the extreme left point. Because some of my friends had TERRIBLE experiences with have theirs serviced, I opted to live with it. The firmware update for the D800 made my camera just about perfect otherwise and so I've made peace with the camera. It's a money making tool for me.

Though my D800 is a great camera, it did leave a bad taste in my mouth and I'll welcome a D800s or D900 when it comes.

Sorry you had trouble, but hopefully you can move forward. The D800 is an AMAZING bit of kit. It can do virtually anything well and in some respects it's the camera to beat even now.

To keep this in perspective, I've never had a perfect FX camera (Until the Df which is perfect so far.)

I'm glad the OP got his camera fixed and hope he enjoys it now. Was hoping to see some before / after shots.

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