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Re: To All You "Masters of Photography" Who Called Me an Idiot...
In reply to bbbinohio, Mar 18, 2014

bbbinohio wrote:

When I got my new D800e I took a few shots and was shocked how out of focus the images were.

When I posted them on this forum and asked for help, several of the most arrogant members told me that I was just another stupid idiot who did not deserve to be on this forum. That I did not know anything about photography and that I should learn to read my owners manual before I opened my mouth and made an obvious fool of myself.

So I just did my best to ignore them and sent my camera into Nikon for focusing issues anyway. Well, to all you "Masters of Photography" here is what Nikon Customer Service found...




I really have nothing left to say... except that I am glad you found the need to criticize me, because it allowed me to block 24 "Masters of Photography", and this forum has been a much nicer place for me to be ever since.

When someone posts a problem with focus, there are two outcomes:

1. There is something wrong with the camera

2. There is something wrong with the photographer

If the problem is #1, then the solution is to repair whatever is wrong with the camera; if its a minor focus error then it may be resolved by AF fine tune, if it's a more significant problem, it will have to be sent in for repair.

If the problem is #2, then the photographer needs to figure out what they're doing wrong and resolve the issue by improving their technique.

The problem with this is that in most cases, there is no good way for someone on a forum to know if #1 is the problem and in the majority of cases, #2 is the problem.  Only the person with the camera can figure out what the real problem is, either by recognizing that they are doing something wrong or sending the camera in for repair.

There is no excuse for treating people poorly and if people responding to a question are actually interested in trying to assist the poster in resolving their issue, then every attempt should be made to figure out if there is a real problem with the camera... but people must understand that the only way to determine that the camera has a problem, is by eliminating the photographer first. You might be the best photographer in the world, with the most amazing skills and the best understanding of you camera, focusing technique etc...  but if nobody here knows you, then the expectation is that they have to start at the beginning and make sure you're doing everything correctly. It is also likely that a large number of people on the forum are not trained in troubleshooting and critical thinking.

There is never an excuse for treating anyone like an idiot. As I tell my daughter, it doesn't mean you're smarter because you know something that someone else doesn't know; they might know something that you don't know.  Don't mistake knowledge for intelligence.

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