Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

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Re: Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610
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JTC111 wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

First off, let me say I never shoot primes. Sorry, I'm a short zoom kind of guy. But I do shoot wide mostly. Also I shoot with a D5200 at the moment but am getting a D610 in the near future.

I would love to read that the 24-85 VR lens that comes bundled with the D610 is a great sharp lens corner to corner/edge to edge but I've not read that. Center sharp, yeah.

So my question is: of all the autofocus lenses out there (vintage or not, Nikon or not) which is the sharpest AFFORDABLE 24mm prime I can get. I'm not asking for the best of the best at any price, just something I can mount that will be better than the 24-85 VR I mentioned.

It also doesn't have to be real fast. I'm not going for DOF. f/2.8 is plenty fast, it could even be slower than that. If the consensus was a $50 lens I could get used off of ebay that would be just grand! Thanks.

Finding an affordable quality prime wider than 28mm seems to be an issue. I'd love to have a 20mm prime but unless I want to spend a boatload on the f1.4 models, my Sigma 10mm-20mm f/4-5.6 seems to be just as good as the other options out there.

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You shoot that Sigma 10-20 on a full frame?  I've owned that lens on the past, using them on my DX cameras.   We're talking D610 here.

And, I'm trying to avoid super wide angle distortion.  I actually don't own a 10-20 or thereabouts wide angle any more because I just can't stand the elongated tables and whatnot when doing interiors (yeah, sort of correctable in DxO Anamorphic Distortion correction but not entirely...)

So my Tamron 17-50 shoots an equivalent 27mm.  The 24 mm prime I'm seeking would be just a touch wider than that (on the D610).  20mm would probably start introducing that super wide angle distortion I'm trying to avoid.

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