Sony A6000 already outdated by Nikon v3...........

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Some thougts about your posts.
In reply to DT200, Mar 16, 2014

I like the way you think!

DT200 wrote:

The A6000 is a camera that won't be out for another month and still can't match a Nikon from 2 years ago.

A little correction here is needed: The Nikon 1 series still not match the first Nex cameras in sensor size, low light, number of lenses, WA lenses, etc. The V3 has a very innovative tilting screen, something my aging Nex 5 has for years....

20 frames per second ensures they will get the exact moment captured, but we here try to fool everyone by saying we'll never need it.

You are so right here, but a small adaptation is needed. Yes when taking landscape pictures, or pictures of our sleeping cat, or astro photograpy, where you take pictures with minutes of exposuretime, the 20 frames per second are very impotant... 11 fps would not work there at all...

And yes when doing sports you real do need 20 fps, and that you only can take one to two sec befor the buffer is full does not realy matter, after that time nothing interesting is happening and 1 fps is good enough then..

ust like we don't want 120fps video.

Yes again we all do need this for videos of  the landscape we see, or the sleeping cat. And we want to slow down the move of the chess player.

We'll never need a small auto-focus lens over 210mm!

Here you are right again! Who want a small camera with a large expensive lens to take overview pictures, pictures inside the house, pictures of landscapes, and when doing eildlivem you can get close enough to them in the zoo to take the pictures you want with the kit lens...

We'll never need auto focus that is reliable in low light.

This is something strange, as the test of the J1 and V1 states that on a dull day the AF goes to the less reliable CDAF and it is slow then and it is hunting a lot, not always getting the lock...

We don't want tri-nav controls anymore.

Well that is funny, I, and many of us, never had tri nav. But people who did have it mostly don't like that the A6000 don't have it....

And we no longer want APS-C lenses because they are too small,

Again you are right, who wants APS lenses on a nikon 1? And who want APS lenses on an A7? And yes it us allways better to have a FF lens on your APS camera then not having that lens at all

bring on the big full frame lenses only and charge $700! What we really don't want are all the lenses that Fuji has!

just one question: how many of those beautifull Fuji lenses are less then $700?

I like to say that for some the features of the new Nikon can be very needed, for others the high price and small sensor will be a real let down. An other thing to think about is lenses. Compare a nice portrait lens for the E-mount and the Nikon: The 50mm f1.8 for the Sony goes for just $300 the Nikon 32mm f1.2 goes for $900, but I think that price is no problem for youYou can buy 3 sony lenses for 1 Nikon lens, that is not stabilized, but you probably don't need that

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