Sony A6000 already outdated by Nikon v3...........

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Re: Sony A6000 already outdated by Nikon v3...........
In reply to ryan92084, Mar 15, 2014

ryan92084 wrote:

IVN wrote:

ryan92084 wrote:

captura wrote:

"But they do not claim the AF to be as fast as the A6000."

Sony says the focus takes 0.6 seconds in the A6000. Nikon has said nothing. Do they need to?

It's really meaningless. Unless you are a kiddie-type and you need to know that your Chevy is 1 second faster from 0 to 60 than your friend's Ford.

While I agree with others who say that V3 is waaay overpriced, the AF system on N1 cameras is the best in the MILC world. It is not only about speed, but also about flexibility. What's the point of A6000's fast AF-C, if you can't choose what to focus on? Usually the photog want's to determine exactly where to focus. You can't do that with the A6000, but you can with the V1/2/3, and there are plenty of AF points to choose from.

Now I've seen (you?) say this before I'm curious why. I freely admit to not being fully aware of the Nikon v1,2,3 but what focusing selection do you want that you can't get on the a6000? I've seen eye, face, selective spot (three sizes), AF-a, and the lock on where the shape adjusts. The only other option I'm aware of that a6000 doesn't have would be touch screen which may or may not be a limitation to some users.

According to reviews there is no Single Point AF-C, there is only Area AF-C, which is useful in some circumstances, but totally useless in others.

hrm I'll have to go back through reviews and see if I can find an example of this or not. It does switch to PDAF only for AF-c.

And there is no Phase-AF in single point AF-S mode, which N1 cameras also offer.

This idea started with speculation from Alin's review basedon the display and has since been debunked by the Sony presentation. The a6000 uses PDAF to get close to focus and uses CDAF to fine tune same as the other fast hybrid Sony cameras.

Not saying either camera is better than the other as each has their merits I just dislike misinformation.

Well, if that's true, I didn't spread misinformation on purpose, I read it in a review and assumed it was true. but if that's the case, it would make the A6000 much more appealing to me.

I am after all contemplating adding either the A6000 or the E-M10 to my existing Nikon 1 kit. I'm not happy with the pricing of the N1 system and all the nonsense (microSD, yet another battery and charger, optional EVF...) Nikon is doing with the system. N1 could be so much more, but I'm done waiting.

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