Sony A6000 already outdated by Nikon v3...........

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Re: a6000 or V3?
In reply to tomhongkong, Mar 15, 2014

tomhongkong wrote:

I have more interest in this than most, as I have a NEX7 and a Nikon V1, and both are now effectively replaced by newer models (NEX7 devotees may disagree, but for my use a6000 trumps NEX7)

Let me bore you with my views.

Now, of course, neither has been tested in the wild by general users, so we are going off the specs.

I use the NEX7 for short/mid range use, and the V1 for mid/tele use or for taking shots of active kids. The compactness of the V1/V3 with the 30/110 (87-290 equiv) makes it much more useful as a tele shooting device (effectively the same range as 55-210, but much smaller) The V1 allows printing up to A3 for shots taken 'on the water' where light is good, which is enough for me. Recently I went on a trip where I took only the V1 with 30/110, 10/30 and 18.5/1.8 and am very happy with the shorter output as well. I am sure the NEX would have done better for the short stuff but at the cost of carrying another body and a few lenses.

All I am saying is, don't sneer at the V1/V3. That makes you no better than the Nikon forum guys who sneer at the a6000. Both systems will take good photos and both have a place. There are faults with both if you want to make a point.

Now, a6000 seems like a bargain to me. If Sony could introduce some lens collapsible technology like Nikon have with 30/110 and new 70/300 it would be even better. Until they do, there will be a V something in my bag. (The N1 70/300 gives 200-800mm equivalent, at a price, Sony 70-300 on a6000 is 135-450mm, and the Nikon version is just 4 inches long) If the focus speed is as good as we hope it could replace V1 for 'kids in flight'.

The V3 is a crazy price. I could just about live with the bolt on EVF if it is firmly fixed and the micro SD card thing if the price was better and justifed by the IQ. We don't know if some of the other foibles of the N1 have been fixed (no bracketing for example) There isn't a user custom setting on the PASM dial. (a6000 has one, but how many setting can be stored, 3, like Sony DSLRs?). The V1 is a great camera which users learn to love inspite of its many shortcomings

So I may not buy either, or I may upgrade NEX7 to a6000. I will not buy V3 until the price gets down to $800.

Your mileage may vary, of course


Howdy Tom. As I said in another post I was actually very keen on the V2. I was lucky enough to have a bird shooter send me a RAW of a fantastic Kingfisher sitting on a branch. Amazing shot it is and taken with the V2 and a Nikkor 500 F/4, so not just any lens. FF out of the V2, superb.

This shot here.....

But even as the guy that sent it to me said, don't try and crop a 1" sensor too heavily and he is right. If you can get away without cropping a BIF with any lens, you are doing something a lot of us can't

The V3 is not exactly a great price for sure and then, I would have to add an EVF, I would sooner have the camera have one built in. So there is a few things I couldn't live with in a V3, but we are all different and some make any camera work well. Thank goodness for that. I've yet to see the perfect camera and doubt I ever will. The A6000 just makes far more sense for what I need, but then, who would want to mount what I mount on any camera. Yep just as well we are all different

All the best Tom.


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