Sony A6000 already outdated by Nikon v3...........

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nevercat wrote:

It is obious that the A6000 is so much a lesser camera then the V3... It will only give you 11 FPS and the Nikon 20 FPS, it will only give you 24 MP and the Nikon will give you 18,4 MP, oh that is less, but then the pixels will be bigger, oh not whne the sensor is so much smaller?Will the lenses then be a lot cheaper, what a 70-300 lens for $1000? and a 32mm lens for $900? OK the camera will be a lot cheaper? What $1200 compared to $800? The Nikon is the cheapest of the two isn't it? No? OK the writers of the tests on this site can tell us what is the meaning of this camera compared to the A6000, can't they? NO????

So this camera is good (and I mean very good) in one thing: FPS. It has some good use for it, but it has a separate EVF and grip, it is not much smaller then the A6000, it has a much smaller sensor, it is more expensive, lenses are not realy cheaper, and the A6000 is fast enough, both in focussing as in FPS for most of us? Yes then is the A6000 outdate by this camera: NOT!

I agree and that cost difference is a lot for what you DON'T get I'll always take a camera with a built in EVF as well, rather than an add on.

11 FPS vs 20 FPS, that's an interesting one. Some could probably use it, but while I do take a burst of 10 FPS on the NEX-7 with a bird flying into a perch or flying away from one, I can't see the point of more FPS. In all honesty, 6 FPS is all I would ever need. Even with BIF's I use the lower burst of around 4 FPS, that's plenty. Most times not even that.

Fine is you are using wider lenses at 20 FPS, you get a lot of shots, but when you use a longer lens, you don't get too many in the frames. Using a 500mm at 10 FPS, I might get 4 frames where the bird is actually in the shot. With a 300mm I might get 6 in the frames, the rest are just junk Sports with a wider lens, it could be very useful, but how many times is that really with sports shooters using a V3. Not many for sure. Sounds good though and probably is for specialised areas. Someone might know of some areas where that could be useful, I can't honestly think of any.

All the best and just thinking out loud while I type


Yep. While I find 10fps in my a55 useful on some occasions (and 10fps in NEX-6 which I sometimes go to when using A-mount lenses via EA2), 6fps is my go to burst rate on a55. Given that a55 will take 19 frames (RAW+JPEG) before getting mad at me, 6fps works as a prolonged burst to about 3s. At 10, it is down to less than 2s.

With NEX-6, I don't have the luxury to choose between 10fps and (I think) 1.5fps. My interest in a6000 in this regard is to see if I can shoot at 6-8s. With 49-frame buffer, that will provide a lot of flexibility... Almost 6-8s! Even with 20 frames, 3+ seconds. I would rather have that than 100fps.

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