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Simon says:
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"The mistake you make is to think we have the resources. We don't. I don't disagree with anything you've said, but this is the curse of the 'content is free' internet. If we don't cover popular products we don't get the traffic, and we need the traffic to pay the bills (including the writers).

So we're left with two choices: charge users for content (which we all know doesn't work on the web) or make sure that we dedicate a large proportion of our resource to covering products we know people are coming in the largest numbers to read about. We have to disappoint some proportion of our audience, and we're trying to keep that proportion as low as possible!

I'm sure you're right that 'a lot of your viewers' are coming to read about new innovations, but we have a global audience of many millions, and we know pretty well what they arrived to look at and which products they are interested in.

If you just look at search traffic and visits to brand, camera and lens pages (i.e. excluding the skew created by reviews, previews, forums, news etc) and rank the brands by popularity, Pentax comes ninth, below even Samsung and Sigma. A Pentax review takes as long as a Canon review, but the Canon review will get up to 20x more visitors. It is only by covering these popular or high interest products that we can even afford to spend a month reviewing products that will never cover the cost of producing them.

Here's two data points pulled at random (last 30 days):

  • Nikon DF was the no 1 search term from google coming to DPR. The Pentax K3 was 51st
  • On-site search: No 1 was nikon D7100, Pentax K3 was no 92.

We want to review the K3, and we have started it, and it certainly deserves attention. We just have to keep our noses above the water too."


I know some of you have seen this, but I thought it was relevant enough to post for the benefit of those who have not seen it. This quote is from 1 month ago.

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