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I really like my X100s. But I do have some issues with the camera. Here's a letter I've sent to Fuji about it.

I purchased an X100s several months ago and haven’t been so excited about a camera in ages. I’m 66 years old and was a photojournalist most of my working career. I’m now a writer, but I still shoot photos.

Two forces influenced me to buy the X100s. First of all, I used to work with a GSW 690 and loved that camera. That’s a real pro’s camera. Unfortunately, I no longer care to shoot film. Secondly, I still have a lot of Leica equipment but am not impressed with Leica’s digital offerings so far. So this Fujifilm jewel looked like the right one.

The camera is very well built and the image quality is superb. But I found the controls to be so complicated and confusing that in a real shooting situation the camera is difficult to work with. It’s too easy to change a setting accidently, too hard to figure out what the issue is. I thought it was just me, the old guy loosing his marbles, unable to adapt to the new way. But then I started talking to other photographers, including some relatively famous journalists. We all agreed on the same thing: we need a Fuji X100s designed for people who actually shoot news photos. And Fuji is the company that should be able to do it.

I know what you’re asking yourself right now….”Who’s going to buy it?”

The fan boy digital camera field is so crowded right now….and under attack from the iPhone. A simple, durable high quality rangefinder would stand alone in its class. Lots of free publicity would come your way. Canon obviously got lots of working pro input into the interface design on their top of the line cameras. That pro input separates the real from the fake!

With Leicas I shoot with a 28 and a 35. So maybe you could do like you did with the 6x9 cameras and offer a wide camera and a less wide camera. I don’t think changing lenses is necessary. I don’t do it with Leicas.

I hope you’re interested in hearing from photographers. This is a great camera but not yet what a lot of serious photographers are looking for.

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You refer to Leica being a camera you like. I own the M9 and from the ergonomics point of view it is a horrible camera. Exposure compensation is a real pain and the light meter is terrible. Center weighted and highly inaccurate. No grip and so forth. I love the files and i do not know the X100 S.

The X T1 is from the control point of view heaven compared to a Leica camera. My M9 gives me fantastic pictures but other camera's are finding more often a place in my bag.
Take for instance 21 mm focal length. With a Leica you need to mount a separate optical viewfinder to compose and use the range finder OVF to set the AF. A horrible exercise. With X T1 and the 14 mm it is a breeze to compose and focus using the EVF. I am interested in your draft letter to Fuji, i think your letter need to be addressed to Leica instead. I am not a fan boy because i own both.
I am using Leica for its fantastics optics and not for the camera body.

I have film Leicas. I haven't bought a digital Leica because Leica seems to be unsure about what they are trying to do. Most Leica users I know feel the same. Long-time Leica user Sebastio Salgado recently switched to Canon for digital. As for exposure compensation on the Leica, I've never understood the need for that. Maybe that's because I generally shoot manual. The light meter on the Leicas is very accurate, but it's a spot meter. So you meter off a specific value.

I like the fixed lens on the Fuji. When I need a zoom I'll just use a big Canon. If you ever get a chance take a look at a Fuji GSW690. That's a real camera! What you need and nothing more.

In my opinion, the X100s is a great start. Just strip away the marketing department's add-ons and we'll have an excellent camera.

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Bratsvo i Jedinstvo!

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