Sound quality of DSLR for video

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Re: External audio vs amateur

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The internal miss on DSLR ( I have done so with the Canon 5DMKII and III and the 100D, is very poor. I recently bought a Rode mike to up the quality, yet as warned, it's the internal gain controls and amps that are still going to make for bad sound. Everyone will say, sooner or later you'll end up getting a recorder and plug in mics to that.

The only real draw back, is syncing the sound to the DSLR, but PluralEyes is good at that.

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Digital camera are being promoted as video device these days There is no reason why camera maker cannot put a more decent mic on DLSR or DC unless they worry about damaging the sales of their camcorder line


Regarding "unless they worry about damaging the sales of their camcorder line":

I used to shoot wedding videos using camcorders. One cannot capture good audio using built-in mics on cameras or even with a camera mounted shotgun mic unless one is at "in your face" distance. At unobtrusive distances, external mics are necessary to capture good audio.

The professional camcorders I used had XLR audio inputs (large connectors) and the capability to turn AGC (automatic gain control) off to prevent noise pickup when people were not talking. Also had two manual knobs to adjust the input line levels and had real-time display of line levels. Not sure if folks would want those extra audio features on their digital still cameras.

IOW, I don't think camera makers would worry about damaging sales of their camcorder lines unless a lot more inputs and controls are built into their still cameras. I think using separate digital audio recording devices and syncing them during editing is an easier way to go using still cameras.

Just a thought,

thanks your reply . I am aware of what you are talking about but let  us compare orange with oranges  . I would be happy enough if camera maker instal the same quality of microphone on their consumer digital camera as on their consumer camcorders for the casual family and social videos . The point I would like to make  is that at present lots of  digital camera take good quality HD videos but with low quality   sound so that carrying an external mic is required for improved sound  .

For professional videos of course more elaborate recording equipments are needed ,either on professional camcorder or professional digital cameras and additional bulk is not a concern

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