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Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

Started Mar 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Can you elaborate
In reply to JimKasson, Mar 12, 2014

JimKasson wrote:

Jeff Kott wrote:

I would think that it is fair to say that one would not buy an A7 instead of an A7r because one expected to generally get higher resolution shots with the A7 either hand held or on a tripod. In some circumstances, possibly. Generally, no. What do you think?

Jeff, as I'm sure you know, this is a multidimensional and complex issue. There are circumstances in which the a7 will give you sharper results than the a7R. Longer lenses favor the a7, with its truly exceptional (by DSLR standards, some Canons excepted) freedom from first curtain shock. Shutter speeds of below 1/200 or so and above 1/30 or so sometime give the a7R problems. Whether these situations are the heart of your photographic locus or corner cases depends on what kind of images you make most often and your photographic style. There are generally workaround for most all of the a7R's challenges. The only situation where I haven't found an acceptable one is portrait-mode, tripod-mounted photography in the above shutter speed range.

If you shoot with zooms, I'd give the nod to the a7R. Most zooms, at most apertures, are not capable of plumbing the resolution depths of either camera, and the oversampling of the a7R has advantages.

The a7R is a camera with great potential, and that potential is often realized, but sometimes not. OTOH, if you just want to make good C-sized images and not sweat the details, an a7 might be a better choice. It doesn't aim as high, but it's more predictable without a lot of experimentation.

All of the above is without regard to the way the cameras handle 3rd-party, non-retrofocus, WA lenses. That's another kettle of fish.

I'm afraid that none of this is definitive. For that I apologize. However, It's the best I can do.


Very nice work on those hand-held A7r/D800E tests Jim. Thanks for doing those.

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