Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

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Re: Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r
In reply to osv, Mar 11, 2014

osv wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Thom has had some great industry insights lately.

i actually agree with that to some extent, however... the title of this thread is "Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r"

bringing up off-topic subject matter, in order to defend the author, smacks of .... well, do i really need to fill in the blanks

Well, that was in reply to: "Yes, he seems a shadow of his former self; am a right about that? Strong anti-Sony bias." So we're already off topic !

Anyway, you can call me a Thom Hogan "fan" I enjoy his writing and find his insights enlightening. I don't agree with everything he says, but find no fault in most. (I'm also a fan of Mike Johnston at TOP, but his subject matter is completely different). Thom's product reviews are like anyone elses; part subjective and part objective, and I don't get bothered if a reviewers take on a camera disagrees with mine. I didn't like the Panasonic GM1 at all - I'd find it a horrible little camera to use, yet Thom seemed to like it.

So I can certainly understand that there will be people who will disagree with Thom's conclusions or the importance he places on certain aspects of the cameras. And then there are the kneejerk reactions against the reviewer any time a review of someone's favorite product points out something that might not be perfect about it. Not restricted to Sony, of course.

Part of the problem, I think, is that any given blogger has a following of like-minded people. Thom has mostly nature photographers, predominantly shooting DSLRs. Steve Huff has the Leica/ILC crowd. These guys write to their audience - makes sense - review a camera for your needs and the needs of your audience. Then as soon as a review gets posted, it gets linked in fan forums and everyone criticized the review because they don't see it the same way.

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