HD DA TC x1,4: no Sigma HSM; not making FF compatible

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Re: HD DA TC x1,4: no Sigma HSM; not making FF compatible
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Now your being a little childish. All lens mounts were proprietary when they started even though some companies started out making lenses for others before becoming camera makers themselves. The only reason we have standards like 4/3 and M4/3 is because of profits. They were not going to become viable systems without involving multiple companies and adhering to a standard mount. Some mount designs were done to maximise the potential advantages of SLRs and others to do the same for rangefinder cameras. If Sigma had not won a big case against the Big 4 back in the late 60's or so we would likely not have 3rd party lense at all. And definitely would not have the camera companies selling lens mount licenses to other lens makers like Tamron and Tokina (they do that so that other companies will compete with Sigma)(Sony now owns most of Tamron). If not for Sigma, OEM lenses would likely cost more than they do now. And no company is going to change their mount to someone elses or a common one. They would automatically alienate their entire customer base. In spite of the fact that the Big 4 had a blanket cross licensing arrangement for decades if not still (see that as Japan against the world in cameras).

Kent Gittings

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