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Sensor size differences even out when it comes to IQ. Why?

Started Mar 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Size DOES matter to MY eyes!
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tjuster1 wrote:

Ttriple wrote:

tjuster1 wrote:

Ttriple wrote:

Is it just me or if you go and look around at the forums of APS-C cameras and their photos and compare with photos that are posted on this forum you will notice a difference. APS-C cameras, to ME, seem to produce photos with a "fuller" feel to them, not "flat" like m4/3. Also, the color fidelity, sharpness and dynamic range of APS-C sensors are just better to MY eyes. Noise level is better controlled on APS-C sensors too. I just cannot get over the "flatness" of m4/3 sensors and that's a main reason why I went with APS-C sensors instead. I assume that FF sensors will be even better. Sometimes you just have to use you own eyes and not some fancy scientific comparison with fancy graphs and charts and numbers. I trust my eyes more than anything else!

An example of what a good APS-C sensor and the right lens can produce:


Can m4/3 sensor produce photos with this level of shallow dept of field, a sharp and rich dynamic range and fidelity and the overall sense of "fullness" instead of "flatness" that I often see from m4/3 sensors?

Look, I'm not telling you that you're wrong, but this reads like the kind of thing people say when they are trying to convince themselves to buy a certain product, or why Wine A (which costs more) is better than Wine B. Whatever floats your boat. The reality is that measurable distinctions between the images taken by APS-C and m43 cameras are very small. If you think you can detect differences with your eyes based on downsized images posted on internet fora, more power to you.

I'm not talking about cost or anything else. I'm talking about what my own eyes saw from looking at many images (downsized and otherwise) and I've concluded that IN GENERAL, APS-C sensors have an edge over m4/3 cameras. The same way I can see that FF sensors outperform APS-C sensors from what I've seen lately. You can disagree and argue using graphs and charts and I or others can rebut with a different set of graphs and charts and tests in favorite of the larger format. Last I check, DxOmark stills rank m4/3 slightly behind APS-C sensors. But I would much prefer using my own eyes to judge the images and samples rather than relying on biased reviews and tests. To each his own.

Fine; I think we agree: your comment that "DxOmark still ranks m4/3 slightly behind APS-C sensors" is essentially the same as my "the reality is that measurable distinctions between images taken by APS-C and m43 cameras are very small". I concede that the measurable differences favor APS-C, but the important point is that the differences are very small. Personally, I can't see them--based on images I've taken* and examined both on screen and on prints up to 16x24. If you think you can, then you've made the right choice.

*as opposed to images I've randomly found online, the vast majority of which have been downsampled.

Yes, and sometimes that slight lead (no matter how small) is enough to help someone like myself to decide which camp to invest my hard-earned money in. I don't believe in brand heritage or loyalty. Otherwise Kodak would stills rule the photography landscape. My loyalty is toward my limited fund and how I can get the most for my money. My main concern with m4/3 sensors is that going forward, there isn't much more improvements that the engineers can put into that format due to its size constrain. You either move to a larger size format or start stacking layers on top of each other like what Foveon did. Time will tell.

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