I do not understand the HATRED for mirrorless cameras on this forum.

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If it were hate at least that would be something.
In reply to Dr Hal, Mar 11, 2014

I just do not care.  Palm of the hand  cameras are irrelevant. They don't do anything better that what is already available other than be tiny and light.  I do not buy a camera because it is the next one.

There is no hostility there is no hate.  There have been a variety of  models of cameras  over the years that  I just did not bother with as well.

I always find it interesting that the defenders of the mirror less faith  resent being a niche  so terribly.   The guys who use MF Blads and Phase certainly could care less. You want small and light and automated to serve  moderate needs. Good for you. You accept the trade offs or don't even notice they exist.  That's swell- you and your truncated format  still do not matter.

Also the standing insult , I guess you think records  or VHS is great audio. Large high definition flat screens and  Blue Ray discs  and 7.2 DTS HD  Master Audio sound are an incredible improvement over home entertainment  from even  a decade or so ago. Those products are such that they have   redefined the home theatre.

My 27" Mac blows away the 24" 2006 model.  New scanning tech, new  storage. All these devices are an improvement which  positively  affect work product.

Mirrorless cameras are a tradeoff  accepted by consumers who want smaller or want next. I am not a hobbyist or a collector or an enthusiast. Just a working man who has no need for another camera format that offers no image improvement  over  existing offerings.

If I was seeing tri fold ads   in glossy magazines with life and detail and subtlety  generated on palm sized machines at 50Gs a days pay  then  from a professional competitive perspective alone I would explore that  new technology.  But that is not happening. Old guys wanting smaller lighter cameras for their hikes don't freak'n matter.

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