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There is no magical size/weight advantage

Started Mar 5, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: There is no magical size/weight advantage
In reply to MPg1, Mar 10, 2014

MPg1 wrote:

Hello, I am a beginner at photography and I learn a lot from all you knowledgeable folks, thank you!

I couldn't read the whole thread, but since you are speaking of lense equivelency here, can anybody point me to the fx equivalent to my 18.5 CX prime, to use with the D800 I want to buy? (I already feel more megapixels must be better!!!)

I don't care so much about things such as DOF and high iso performance, but I really need the combo to weigh about the same as my 383 g V1 + 68 g 18.5. And to be about the same size, so I can carry it just as easily.

Thank you!

I'll give you a straight answer on the assumption that the question was meant seriously.

You won't find the combination you seek in an interchangable lens system (either MILC or DSLR) -- physics wins out and the size and weight will be significantly larger for the equivalent focal length (~50mm) FX. No free lunch.

For many of us, the trade-off of IQ (that results from the 1" CX sensor) for reduced size/weight (that also results from the 1" CX sensor) is one we are willing to make.

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