Dear Canon, I'm not buying anymore DSLR Gear get on with the M

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Re: you have a narrow-minded view of the benefits of compact size
In reply to rrccad, Mar 9, 2014

rrccad wrote:

T3 wrote:

I'd say that your rabid exclusivity and devotion to DSLR is now becoming almost religiously fanatically. Get over it, dude. Plenty of us are a little more flexible and open-minded than you are, and are perfectly happy to use both DSLR and MILC, because we understand that each of them has their pros and cons. Jeez, you didn't marry DSLR. These are just tools. Sometimes I use DSLR, sometimes I use MILC. You don't have to stay monogamous to one or the other.

You are so into yourself that you can't even look to see what gear i do have.

perhaps get off your soapbox to realize I have all three. APS-C, FF and mirrorless. While I love the M's small three lenses, I also realize that to make this kit replace or have the versatility of any normal kit - that it's benefits would very quickly diminish. if i want slow small lenses and can work with that - it works, otherwise, it quickly becomes the same as carrying a DSLR without the benefits of it.


Ahahaha, now resorting to name calling are you?

The reality is that we can already see the benefits of size reduction with the EOS M kit. And adding larger lenses does not negate the size reductions we've already gained with the EOS M's existing small lenses. Apparently, you have a poor sense of math, because the only way the size reductions would be negated is if the "large" EOS M-specific lenses ended up being LARGER than their DSLR counterparts. But certainly, that is not going to be the case. At worst, they would only be about the same size as their DSLR counterparts. And as such, the savings in size and weight given by the smaller lenses in a MILC gear collection are still maintained when calculated in totality. Apparently, for whatever reason, you seem incapable of comprehending that. So who's the real moron? LOL.

And yes, you do seem to have a near-fanatical, religious defense of DSLR if you can't see the size benefits of mirrorless. But the strange thing is that you probably bought your EOS M gear for one significant reason: it's size benefit! So if you were to add a larger EF-M telephoto, did the 18-55 IS EF-M suddenly become larger than it was before? Did the 22mm pancake suddenly become larger than it was before? Did the 11-22 IS EF-M suddenly become larger than it was before? Did the EOS M body suddenly grow to the thickness of a DSLR body? Of course not! Why is all of this so difficult for you to comprehend?

With regards to not wanting to just use "slow small lenses", if Canon really went for it, I think they could design some really good, and compact, fast lenses for the EOS M system. I've been drooling over the beautiful, and compact, XF primes Fuji has made for their mirrorless bodies. They make equivalent DSLR primes look rather chunky in comparison. For example, the Fuji XF 35/1.4 measures 65.0mm x 54.9mm and has a 52mm filter diameter, while something like the Sigma 35/1.4 DG (for APS-C DSLR) measures 94.0mm x 77.0mm and has a 67mm filter diameter. Combined with mounting it onto a slim Fuji mirrorless body, and it adds to quite a noticeable size reduction compared to a DSLR! Still think that there's no difference???

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