From the Nikon D4 to the Fujifilm X-T1

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Re: From the Nikon D4 to the Fujifilm X-T1

Most 35mm DSLR shooters are not looking at the Fuji as a replacement system - it will sit along side their FF gear for work that requires a smaller kit or that doesn't require the larger kit (e.g. personal work)

Most m4/3 shooters would view the Fuji as a replacement system - why would anyone keep a m4/3 and Fuji X system at the same time - they have the same strengths and weaknesses when compared to a DSLR kit.

Hence its a case of DSLR and Fuji X vs. M4/3 or Fuji X

historianx wrote:

I find it odd that FF shooters, for the most part, like the Fuji system, certainly as a smaller alternative for certain kinds of critical-need commercial work, whereas the m4/3 shooters, for the most part, are in denial about the system's capabilities to the point they think their cameras are somehow equal to or exceed the performance of the Fujis. Well, I came from 4/3rds, and while capable, there was always a seed of doubt in my mind that 4/3rds was adequate for critical use--even using the latest and greatest 4/3 sensor technology (like Drew I have a Panny GX1, which starts to fall apart at >iso1600). Not so with the Fuji. I am spoiled, as are my clients, and while life with Fujifilm can be quirky at times, so far I'm loving it.

Search this forum for a user named "Pursang" a Dallas-based commercial photographer (and Canon FF shooter) who had a iso200 RAF file from his X100S blown up to 80 x 18 feet, and is now hanging off the side of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra building in Dallas. Impressive, to say the least.

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