There is no magical size/weight advantage

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Re: There is no magical size/weight advantage
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this is the weirdest long thread in a while. if there are NO equivalent lenses, then what is the discussion about?

The point is that there is no free lunch. You always have to sacrifice something (noise performance, DoF control, etc.) t get something in return (less size and weight).

Which is why I don't understand why you hope Nikon will "step it up"

If we take f/1.2 to be practical limit for an AF lens, 1" lenses will never get faster than FF 2.8 and that would obviously be for primes only. If you find yourself bumping into the limits of your system it's probably time to change systems. Mirrorless APS-C isn't that much bigger than 1"

N1 lenses don't have to be equivalent to f/1.8 or f/1.4 FX lenses. FX f/2.8 equivalents would be enough for primes. MFT and APSC (except Fuji) don't offer anything more. Panasonic has a 25/1.4 and Sony has a 35/1.8 OSS, which are both f/2.8 equivalents. For me this would be enough, which is why I would welcome a 18.5/1.2 (although its a f/3.24 equivalent).

For me the point is not to offer full FX equivalency with the N1, most of us could not afford it. I would rather see N1 keep most of the size advantage, but get a bit closer to FX in terms of noise performance and DoF control. It's not black or white.

You cant get FX style DoF control without FX DoF equivalency and aperture diameters. I mean the 32 1.2 costs $750. You can get a NEX-3N, kit zoom and 50 1.8 OSS for less than that. I imagine the 18.5 1.2 would be similarly or even more expensive... a new system with a bigger format and an equivalent or faster lens would still probably be cheaper.

Not to mention the 1 system hasn't really gained traction... it's not likely that Nikon will invest in it heavily; it's kind of in a no man's land format wise. Its prices are in line with much larger formats without gaining much of a size/price advantage for equivalent  glass....

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