There is no magical size/weight advantage

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myzel wrote:

And just in case: A CX 70-300 isn't going to be that much smaller than a FX 70-300 - in the worst case it could be bigger. But it would be smaller than a 189-810 if you don't mind the larger DoF

This equivalency of 189-810 depends entirely on pixel density. If the full frame camera has the same pixel density as the N1 then the objects seen in the images from both cameras using a 70-300 lens will be the same size when viewed at 100%.

Yes. But the thing is that to get a full frame camera with the density of the V1 you will need 73MP FF. My D800 has "only" 36MP, so we have a bit to go, but sure, the D800, when cropped, is already better that the Olympus E-500, which was my first DSLR and which had 8MP. For Nikon, the D800 already matches the D7000 and is considerably better than the D300s, when cropped, but is far away from the V1 and even further away from the V2, so in this respect, I think that smaller sensors are the winners.

By just number crunching, it would seem when comparing 36mp FF & the 10mp N1 that the reach gain would be about 50% when viewed at 100%. That would give an equivalency, when using a 300mm lens, of about 450mm on the N1. And then theres the resolving power of the lens to consider.

How do you see it ?

In my opinion, in the end it is the framed image that counts. If I can frame the same image with bother the D800 and the V1 then the D800 image is far better at any final image size because the number of pixels on the same image frame are higher and also the quality of those pixels are higher. I have never tried to crop the D700 to the same size as the V1, but for computer and TV screen displays, I think the D800 would still be superior in that case, though maybe not if we would pixel peep at 100% same sizes, which in case of the D800 would mean that the image must be upsized by about 200%.

Yes, you are definitely right about the REAL crop factor, compared to the D800, it is only about 50% more, not 2.7x, when one considers pixel density, but that is even more confusing for some people to consider, since regardless what we do, the same aperture will still give 2.7x more DOF, which is constant when compared to FF in general, and variable (must be recalculated) when compared to other FF cameras with different pixel density.

The resolving power of lenses is often discussed on the FX forum, but I consider that a non-issue. The 70-300GVR is definitely not near the maximum resolution with these cameras yet, and none of my lenses are, so I am not worried.

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