Comments on a (percieved) lack of quality in MFT, a short rant, and a few questions.

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Re: Comments on a (percieved) lack of quality in MFT, a short rant, and a few questions.

Okay, so I bought a Contax G back in the heyday of the mid-nineties, and one of my primary reasons for buying it was to have optics at least as good as CaNikon's flagship primes in a much smaller package.

I got into Micro-Four-Thirds, for what I felt to be similar reasons. A small, light package, equal in quality to mid-to-high end crop frame CaNikon DSLRs.

And I have found over the last couple of years that this isn't so much the case. What I got from the Contax G was a somewhat temperamental, but easy to use package, that delivered slider after slide of lovely exposure and rich detail. And in effect, gave me what I was looking for.

But Micro-Four-Thirds (MFT) has been somewhat of a disappointment, and I'm surprised at the lack of quality that even expensive MFT glass (PanaLeica 50mm F1.4, Panasonic 7-14mm F4, Oly 75mm F1.8 & 12mm F2) delivers. To be more specific, I don't feel they're anywhere as good in terms of subjective sharpness and flatness of field (esp. wide open), compared to crop-sensor DSLR lenses from other manufactures.

I thought that the lack of a mirror box would allow for simple, effective, non-retrofocus optical designs that take full advantage of the short flange distance, and consequently deliver exceptional results. But I seem to be wrong. I concede that my understanding of digital sensors is limited, but I don't think that small sensor size is a sharpness limiting factor, and considering the lack of an anti-aliasing filter on my EM-5, I thought that may mitigate sensor limitations somewhat.

So in effect, is there a specific reason why I am disappointed in the image quality of MFT?
Or are my expectations of the system too high?
And if there is some sensor limitation, would an upgrade to a Sony Alpha 7 deliver what I'm after?

Try a better monitor . your images will improve

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