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Re: There is no magical …Simple and makes sense.
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Tooks wrote:


I think this thread raises a couple of issues for me.

First, as a relative newcomer to this forum (albeit not new to forums, or photography, at all), it's clear that there are some folks who enjoy trolling and/or an argument for the same of it. But hey, that's forums. I can't help but feel that the whole place would benefit if the patronising could be kept to a minimum though. We all share an interest right?

Second, the whole world of photography forums seems rooted in the past. Why we have to compare everything to FF/35mm is beyond me. It may have been useful in the early days of the move from film to digital and the arrival of crop sensors (I was there!), but I think it has ceased to be useful. Indeed, it's now more confusing than ever for newcomers to this excellent hobby of ours.

For the first time in over 35 years of photography, some of it professional, last year I decided to pop along to a camera club, after becoming tired of the infighting that runs through a lot of online communities. I was a little nervous, I'd read online that camera clubs contained real people who might not be very nice, and indeed might dare to criticise or even laugh at your photographic efforts or kit that you were supposedly 'using'.

I'm pleased to report that what I found was completely the opposite. There is massive interest for me, and I suspect most, in how others have succeeded in creating wonderful images and it's even more pleasing to see that information freely given.

What is clear is that it has very very little to do with kit, but rather the person behind it. That doesn't matter whether it's the latest top end DSLR or a point and shoot. Some of the images are 'happy accidents' (I do miss Bob Ross, RIP) but there is something to be learned from those for sure.

I post this as a response to the OP, which although well meaning (I'm being charitable here), has become a bit of a car crash and potentially very confusing for many.

Oh, and I for one am looking forward to any native CX 70-300 lens, whatever it's equivalent and whether it looks like an Apple or a Pear...

I agree. The comparison of different formats to FF is now irrelevant (IMO) because of technology to compensates/overcomes for the shortcomings from one system to another. Back in the days, I hardly hear comparison between the 110 to the 35mm to the 6x6 medium format. Back then, consumer are more incline to the actual art of photography and are hardly ever concerned what format or type of camera equipment(s) one have as long as their main objective is achieved. I used the 3 formats back then, Kodak Instamatic 110, 35mm compact which is called point & shoot now, to 35mm SLR (my first SLR was the Yashica FR II then moved to Nikon F3 to F4 with FM2 as a back up to the Hasselblad 500CM 6x6 format). Each has it's own purpose in my bag and what a huge heavy bag I used to have.

With the arrival of digital cameras and all the different formats, it gave consumers a wide selection that they can choose to suits their needs. Professionals/Serious photographers and die hard enthusiast usually go for the FF format. Travel photographers tend to go for the small and light weight systems (the likes of the Nikon CX 1" Series system, m4/3 system or even APS-C systems) to meet their needs, others go for high end P&S and some what ever they feel that suys their needs. Some, if not most have multiple systems. They have a FF or larger sensor system for their serious work and a smaller format to compliment their high end set up.

Me personally, I will get the system that suits me and my needs and irregardless what others might say about the "equivalency" factor, that's there opinion. If I'm happy of what I have and if it meets and fulfills my objective, who cares about what others will say. Some people likes apple, some likes oranges, some likes both.

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"It is not the equipment that makes a photograph but the person behind the equipment and it's not how sharp the images are but how they convey the message."
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