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Re: you have a narrow-minded view of the benefits of compact size
In reply to rrccad, Mar 6, 2014

rrccad wrote:

T3 wrote:

Are you seriously arguing that APS-C vs FF makes no difference?!?! LOL. I think I'll just let the absurdity of that comment speak for itself. Hahaha.

sure. so tell me, just what exactly would be different in the SL1 if it had a full frame sensor.

three things: mirror box and actual mirror and sensor assembly.

I'd call that a pretty trivial adjustment to the overall size of the unit.

but i'll wait for your profound engineering, camera design and marketing knowledge to educate me

It makes a difference in this argument because you conveniently chose to compare a FF MILC with the world's smallest APS-C DSLR. That's called stacking the deck, LOL. Sure, it'd be great if the SL1 really did have a FF sensor, because then it would be more of an apples-to-apples comparison. But obviously, it's not.

Besides, the fact remains that even if the SL1 did have a FF sensor, it's still a chunkier body than the a mirrorless FF MILC. Plus, DSLR lens design is limited by their retrofocus requirement. Retro-focus lenses are designed to be positioned farther from the film/sensor plane in order to leave room for an SLR's reflex mirror. But to do so, the physics and elements inside the lens need be to completely different, and larger than for cameras that don't have reflex mirrors (such as Leica rangefinders). See the diagram below. Non-retrofocus lenses (aka true lenses) don't need to be positioned farther from the film/sensor plane, so they don't need these extra lens elements and larger lens elements inside the lens. Thus, they can be made very small.

The retrofocus issue doesn't effect lenses of longer focal lengths.  But it definitely effects lenses of shorter focal lengths.  When you don't have to design lenses to be retrofocus, you can make them much smaller.  Just look at Leica lenses, which are tiny compared to DSLR lenses.  And that's also why so many mirrorless lenses are also very compact.

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