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There is no magical size/weight advantage

Started Mar 5, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why do keep trolling the N1 forum? (Compare 10-100 & 18-200 vas 28-300)
In reply to olyflyer, Mar 5, 2014

olyflyer wrote:

jjoyce wrote:

IVN wrote:

frank-in-toronto wrote:

maybe i'm slow, but the 1 series lenses sure look smaller to me. much smaller.

Which for example?

The majority here got the N1 during the fire sales and found that these cameras are a lot better than the forums and web would make you believe.

Of course. As a matter of fact, I bought the V1 dual zoom kit before any fire sales ever been dreamed about and I still liked it and would do it again because I like it, but that was not the point.

Go compare the sizes of these three lenses, Nikon N1 New 10-100, DX18-200 and FX28-300 and report back... (All around 3.5-5.6)

Are they similar in any other parameter then the aperture size?

100/5.6 = 17.86

200/5.6 = 35.71

300/5.6 = 53.57

...so, let me guess... without checking the actual facts that the 28-300 is the fattest, followed by the 18-200 and the smallest is the 10-100.

Don't you really have a clue why that is?

They all have the same FoV and let the same amount of light hit the respective sensors.

I do not know why this place gets so stirred up about the DoF, there are different sensor sizes depending on which tool you need. I have three I personally use, iPhone, N1 & FX. I use the tool needed for the job and DoF required.

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