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There is no magical size/weight advantage

Started Mar 5, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: There is no magical size/weight advantage
In reply to IVN, Mar 5, 2014

What you can't expect is for the rumored Nikon 1 70-300mm to somehow be radically smaller and lighter without compromising image quality than the already available version for FX. Since the patent states that there are more ED (6) and fluorite elements (3) than in any other 70-300 lens (which equals to more ambitious design and greater IQ), chances are the N1 70-300 will be even larger than the FX version.

Ivn when you use the words "radically smaller" you leave yourself a lot of wiggle room however I respectfully believe your statement vis a vis quality/weight is incorrect. See an excerpt from Canon's 2011 news release of their reconfigured 500mm f4/L and 600mm f4/L

"Canon engineers succeeded not only in reducing the overall weight of these lenses but improving on their optical performance as well. The optical formula of each new lens was re-designed to include two fluorite elements instead of one fluorite and two Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) glass elements. The new lens element configuration weighs less yet performs better."

If I'm not mistaken, should Nikon indeed build the new cx 70-300mm per their patent design, it would be Nikon's first use of fluorite lenses and there is a very good likelihood the weight of the cx 70-300 would be lighter and have better optical performance.

I think a cx 70-300mm could in fact have a lighter optical lens design, perform better and have a weight reduction which doesn't include the weight saving from the smaller lens mount.

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