There is no magical size/weight advantage

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Re: you are not allowed to say that
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olyflyer wrote:

The relationship between aperture size and focal length is one of those things which are not going to go away and is not sensor size related at all. Look it up.

Like I said. Physics-wise, focal length and aperture are limiting factors to the overall length and diameter of the lens. Everything else is pretty much variable.

And apples vs. oranges, well sure, but how many lenses there actually with the same FL and aperture for different systems which are comparable in everything else? I can tell you to go look at Pentax 100 lenses, or Minolta APS lenses and compare them to 35mm lenses and there will always be enough difference between them to warrant the 'apples vs oranges' counter argument.

At the end what matters is what ends up in your bag. And if shorter FD gives you a 10% size and weight reduction, the smaller lens elements 20%, lighter electronics 20% and collapsibility 20%, then it all adds up to a very nice reduction right there. Leica afficionados who value the size of their system against DSLRs don't care they're comparing it to AF VR N IS OS VS or whatever lenses, they want to have a light camera bag.

I also don't see what you have against collapsible lenses. When we are talking lens size, what matters is how much place it takes up in your bag, not when it's on your camera. Once I mount the lens to use it, I expand it and that's it.

Furthermore, if the manufacturer can use smaller glass elements (even if not all but just some), they already have advantages in cost on so many levels they can afford to go more creative with design and even quality. The NK 18.5/1.8 can be so good because the lens elements are the size of a pinhead (which btw isn't really the case of a FX 18mm lens).

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