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Re: you have a narrow-minded view of the benefits of compact size
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rrccad wrote:

well let me again state:

"absolutely more compact than DSLR lenses."

Clearly you don't get the English language - you make a statement like that and get called out on it, and you start to cry.

Hahahah!  What in the world is this "absolutely more compact" non-sense.  Sure, if you put a really large lens on a mirrorless camera, it ends up being really large!  But the reality is that all you've succeeded in proving is that, in your own example, the FF Sony A7 MILC with a 70-200/2.8 is still more compact than the world's smallest APS-C DSLR with a 70-200/2.8 on it.  That's not much of a victory, my friend.

As for this silly non-sense that there is any crying going on, LOL, clearly you're projecting your own emotions onto this discussion.

I'll say it again. With regards to the size argument, at worst, a MILC body+lens combo will be about the same size as a DSLR body+lens combo.

so? again, size isn't everything. there's expense. there's the fact that the battery life is abysmal. there's the the fact that it's the easiest camera to damage the most expensive part in - the sensor. it's the fact that for of the systems out there, there is negligible difference.

As I and and many others have stated, there are pros and cons to both DSLR and MILC.  As adults, we understand these pros and cons.  I've been a lifelong SLR/DSLR users.  I've been using SLRs since the film days.  I've been using DSLRs since my first DSLR, the Canon 10D, in 2003.  But today, I use both DSLR's and MILC.  And as a user of both, I have first-hand knowledge and experience of their pros and cons.  And I can tell you with absolute certainty that, as much as I have loved using DSLRs, I really, really, really enjoy using MILC's for their smaller size and weight.

Maybe you should get some first-hand experience for yourself.  Sure, continue to keep your DSLR gear.  But also buy a MILC camera and a few lenses.  Use it for a year.  I think you're realize, like I have, that each type of system has its merits.

But with MILC, certain body_lens combos allow you to so MUCH SMALLER than DSLR.

not for the majority of the buying public. not for the majority of the real world kits out there either. the majority of the buying public isn't rocking around with 2-3 small primes. they usually want a normal zoom, and a telephoto or a all in one 18-200 and call it a day. they don't want to switch lenses all the time. so the size advantage .. the majority of the world doesn't give one crap about.

The reality is that camera size does effect every consumer in one way or another.  Some people just choose to put up with it more than others.  And many have put up with it simply because there's never been another alternative when it comes to interchangeable lens cameras.  But now, advancements in technology offer another alternative: mirrorless ILC's.

Plus, apparently you're not aware of the fact that mirrorless systems have their own zooms.  And, in fact, mirrorless systems offer pancake zooms which DSLR systems don't!  That's because, unlike DSLR systems with their retrofocus lenses, mirrorless systems don't have that design restriction.  The mirrorless manufacturers are now offering amazingly compact pancake and low-profile zooms for their mirrorless systems that attain levels of compactness that are simply unattainable with DSLR systems.

So basically, with MILC you have the option of going as big as DSLR, or much smaller. But with DSLR you mainly only have the option of big.

And even worse, the size comparison you see above is of the worlds smallest APS-C DSLR against a FF MILC.

why do you think APS-C versus FF makes any difference here? it doesn't. Get it? probably not..

it's funny how obnoxious you get when people don't agree with you.

Are you seriously arguing that APS-C vs FF makes no difference?!?!  LOL.  I think I'll just let the absurdity of that comment speak for itself.  Hahaha.

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