Is it time to call an attorney general about Nikon?

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Re: Is it time to call an attorney general about Nikon?
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Those of us who have the gumption to do so will draw well-deserved attention to the widely-publicized, largely indisputable failings of Nikon. The bottom-feeders here seem to wear worried expressions, their brows knitted, and countenances dark. They make passive-agressive flippant statements, resentment poorly disguised as jest. "Don't worry", say I to them. "Take solace in the fact that there's strength in numbers.  Just sit back on the side-lines, "taking photos" with the rest of your "posse." Hyenas always wait for the lions to take down the game. Then they move in. That's why they're called scavengers. Anyone remember the gaggle of hyenas lampooning talk of class-action suits?

As for me, I think it's pathetic how they handle customers. Recently, I visited Melville in Long Island to receive in-person the lenses I had sent for calibration. The sheet they provided was complete gibberish, with some sparse technical codes that do nothing for the customer. I was just handed the stuff with no explanation whatsoever and the next customer was waved over. What was I supposed to do? Ask them: "Um, what does "A" stand for? what does "b" stand for? what does "c" stand for......

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