E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

NumberOne wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

Alex Notpro wrote:

I'm specifically interested in USABILIT Y of these cameras, how they handle in the field, etc...

A7 battery life is miserable vs E-M1

Nothing a spare (or 2) can't solve...

true, however it is still a hassle... and E-M1 is miserable vs Panasonic... and Panasonic is miserable vs dSLRs and those vs all manual film cameras... the point here is - if you make a top level camera with grip - do supply it with a greater capacity battery, as it is not intended to be a pocketable camera.

I do believe the "battery hassle" was a design decision for achieving a small camera size - A wrong belief, if you ask me, as a bigger (and more ergonomic) grip would also allow a bigger battery capacity without much altering the camera size and portability.

It seems these designers forget that just near the grip you have to put a much bigger (and cumbersome) lens...

Anyway, looking at the battery size one can surely predict a very short (miserable, as you call it) battery life...

I miss fully articulated LCD of my pre E-M1 GH3 camera (both in A7 and in E-M1)

I find a dedicated exposure comp in A7 dial totally useless

I guess you don't use 'Manual Mode with Auto-ISO' a lot...

I do not use Auto-ISO because I know which gain is optimal for raw conversion w/ my raw converters for my purposes - so I just set that ISO for a particular situation, if you don't or if you are a JPG shooter then we are sailling in different boats... note that I wrote "I find", w/o generalizing.

Maybe we sail the same boat differently, every skipper has it's own style and feeling, but I can assure you that jpgs were never my cup of tea; I will be burned by this, but I go further by saying that shooting jpgs with an A7R (or A7, or any decent camera, FF or not) is a "photographic crime/attempt"!

more effort to make zebra in A7 show raw clipping vs real time blinkies in E-M1

Channel/colour clipping is the right solution...

I prefer to meter properely before the shot, did I say that I was not using UniWB and post shot blinkes and histogram ? I use them too, but I tune my cameras to have all things available for me and that includes real time zebra/blinkes in EVF/LV, spot metering to place the spot into the right zone (as we establish the headroom with rawdigger) _and_ post shot review with both blinkies and UniWB tuned OOC JPG histogram... now there are indeed some better ideal solutions that are not available, so theoretically I want them too, but I can't have them...

Sorry, I'm old (ancient?!) school here, ie, just aperture, shutter speed, ISO and the "old" post processing way...

Best regards,

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