Dear Canon, I'm not buying anymore DSLR Gear get on with the M

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we are few but highly influential
In reply to meland, Mar 4, 2014

I think there really isnt an effective long term strategy for people who flit from brand to brand or who owns multi brands like myself.

I believe our numbers are not significant, yet I think we are somewhat influential upon new buyers.

For example, any newbie I know who is in the market to buy a camera, gets immediate access to my cameras, pictures and my user experiences with them. I can tell you that for a beginner buyer, there is nothing like having a nikon 1 system and an eos m  to take a picture with, look at it in the display of their choice and see the system differences immediately.

For obvious reasons, no one in my circle of influence has yet to buy a nikon 1 or nikon dslr.

Perhaps companies like fuji and olympus ard the ones who somewhat realises this and are quick to come out with bodies AND quality lenses that cater to enthusiasts like me. Their only failing are the prices of their lenses.

In this respect, the m lenses are well ahead in both quality and value. This is the only reason why I like the m and recommend it to friends who are more interested in iq above convenience features and af speed.

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Not the nex, been there and its highly over rated, however, I will be going fuji next, thats the only one left to play with for me and my limited budget these days.

I guess there will always be people who flit from one brand or interest to the next. Nothing wrong with that, if it makes them happy, and it probably helps photo retailers stay in business. But I wonder how any manufacturer can really factor such transient interest into their strategic planning?

I think you're completely missing the point. This isn't about "flitting from one brand to the next". Many of us would gladly stay with Canon if they simply offered the products that we see other brands are offering. But since Canon isn't offering those products, we are simply going to other brands that do offer those products. It's not about being brand fickle. It's about wanting to use an entirely new class of products that Canon doesn't offer...something along the lines of the the Sony A7/A7R, Sony A6000, Oly E-M10, Fuji X-T1, etc....enthusiast-oriented mirrorless cameras. This isn't about "transient interest", as if mirrorless is simply fad.

As for the notion that mirrorless is a "transient interest", I think it's like laptops vs tablets. I used to carry a laptop with me. But once I got an iPad, I didn't want to carry a laptop anymore when I left the house. (Frankly, carrying a laptop was always somewhat of a burden, but when the iPad came along, it finally gave me the excuse to not have to take my laptop anymore to client meetings, to shoots, for travel, etc.) Now, I'm realizing that the same thing has happened to me regarding DSLRs vs MILCs. I used to carry a DSLR with me, but it too was a burden. But once I got my m4/3 gear, I didn't want to carry a DSLR anymore when I left the house. Now, when I'm walking out the door, it's my m4/3 body, and one or two lenses that are on me. Is this simply a "transient interest"? No, absolutely not. For me, mirrorless is here to stay, and it's now my go-to gear when I'm around town, traveling, or anywhere where I'm not doing a paid shoot. In fact, my attitude now is that I don't carry my DSLR gear unless someone is paying me to use my DSLR gear.

For mirrorless I am using m4/3, but I also bought a Canon EOS M kit. So basically, my last two camera purchases were mirrorless. And my next camera purchase is going to be mirrorless too. I was hoping it would be a new EOS M model with an EVF and more advanced specs. But seeing as how no such camera exists from Canon, my next camera purchase is going to be the Oly E-M10. In other words, Canon had an opportunity to win my business, but instead my money will go to a competitor. Again, this isn't about "flitting" around, or following "transient" interests, because that foolishly trivializes these decisions. The reality is that I have a concrete set of goals that I want met, I'm waiting for the right products to reach the market at the right price, and then I'm going with the products that meet these criteria.

I'm seeing more and more of my colleagues (all DSLR users) picking up mirrorless bodies. And they are all realizing the benefits and advantages of these cameras. We all still keep our DSLR gear for our work. But outside of our work, it's mirrorless. So what is the significance of this? Well, we all spreading the word on how much we like using mirrorless. We're becoming influencers. And I think slowly, over time, it's definitely going to take hold amongst consumers. Because I honestly feel that, for most consumers, MILC is a better fit than a DSLR. If you are a working photographer who does high volume shooting, DSLRs are still a better choice. But that's because we shoot 5,000 images every weekend, and only a DSLR has the battery life to handle that.

Thank you for the lecture but I fear you appear to have jumped to a conclusion that I said mirrorless was a transient interest. Actually I did not say that, nor did I imply anything of the sort - all I was doing was responding to someone who said he had tried Nex and was going to Fuji next. Having been in camera marketing for nearly 30 years I recognise that there are some people who do flit from brand to brand, either because they get bored, or they think a new product will somehow improve their photography, or maybe because they just get pleasure from buying new shiny things. It's rather difficult to create a long term marketing strategy for people like that.

But to get back on track, I would certainly agree with you that the move to smaller cameras is a worthwhile objective for many consumers. But whether they will be mirrorless, or indeed some other type that wins out , or exists in harmony, I don't think really matters. And I strongly suspect it doesn't matter to Canon either. They are in the business of making cameras - not just DSLRs - and will no doubt respond to what the public want to buy. Obviously you personally may be ahead of the general buying curve at the moment, especially in the USA, and I admire your passion and evangelistic zeal. But to lambaste Canon for not having brought out the product you want yet might be a bit premature, even if it makes you feel better. They might surprise you and provide just what you want, sooner than you think.

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