Dear Canon, I'm not buying anymore DSLR Gear get on with the M

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Re: How long will it take to eliminate the performance gap?
In reply to rrccad, Mar 3, 2014

rrccad wrote:

yeah that's so much different with a lens attached.

huge difference indeed *rolls eyes* let's see 18mm versus 44mm or 26mm. Think people are REALLY going to that concerned over 26mm over 200mm of total length? enough to switch systems to one with no options?

oh yes. what's the odds that the FE mount will ever have fast constant zooms like 2.8's?

you know.. like real zoom lenses?

Here's the point you're missing: with mirrorless, you can get as big as DSLR, but with DSLR you can't get as compact as mirrorless.  In other words, with certain MILC body+lens combos, you can get down to compact sizes that DSLRs simply can't get to.  In the example above, the mirrorless user can swap out that big tele lens, stick on a compact slim pancake, and immediately be using a much lighter, lower-profile, less conspicuous camera than the DSLR user.  And that's a FF MILC against "the world's smallest DSLR", and an APS-C one at that.

The other issue with you is that you seem to think a user has to be exclusively using DSLR, or exclusively using MILC.  Why limit yourself to one or the other?  There are times when I use DSLR, and there are times when I use MILC.  Each has their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages.  Clearly, compact size is an advantage of MILC.  For things like travel photography, street photography, or simply wanting a camera that you can feel comfortable taking everywhere with you but still giving you the flexibility of lenses, MILC gives a considerable advantage over DSLR.

The notion that people have to "switch" systems (ie., they can only use one system or another system) is very narrow-minded.  Camera equipment are tools.  You buy different tools to fit different situations and different needs.  To me, buying a certain mirrorless body and certain mirrorless lenses to serve a certain purpose is simply the act of buying another tool to fit a certain purpose.  Some people will go out any buy a $2000 lens for their DSLR.  Other people will go out and buy a $2000 MILC kit (body+lens or two or three) while still keeping their current DSLR gear.  These are just tools in our toolbox. There's no rule that says you have to stay within a certain camera system.  A camera system isn't a religion that you have to exclusively pledge loyalty to! ┬áSome of use are perfectly happy to be system agnostic.

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