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Re: Canon SL1/100D vs Mirrorless
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T3 wrote:


You do realize there is no fundamental size difference between an APS-C DLSR and FF DSLR. the buying public for the most part are wanting more comfortable sized DSLR's. mostly to handle lenses that no one even has in mirrorless. what's the largest mirrorless lens? 300mm for m43 that isnt' out yet? 70-200mm/4 FE?

Consider that most likely sony is not going to make any new E mount that are non-FE. The size advantage for the largest manufacturer of APS-C MILC's just went good bye, as I doubt they'll make any compelling DX sized lenses outside of kit lenses.

While m43's will have an obvious size difference and benefit - the same can't be said for MILC's that are APS-C and FF with normal kits that include telephoto. you may get a benefit from standard lenses, and for UWA, but other than that, the kits are remarkably similar to volume and net weight. Any lens over around 50mm will not see a size advantage between a short and long registration distance. you know this .. right? so if you have 10lbs of FF lenses, think the difference between a 6D and a A7 is going to be significant? going to really feel those 300g's? what happens if canon makes a FF SL1?

The real benefit is from m43's and 1" sensors such as the Nikon 1 as the size of equivalent focal length kits are really by sensor size. However, these are getting exceedingly pressured by smartphones. if you are small enough to be portable, and your smartphone takes almost as good of pictures as they do, then the buying public will not see the need. especially for a standard kit in the 500-1000 range. it's just not going to fly when they get a phone nearly as good for all purposes .. at times for FREE. yes it's an MILC .. guess what? most of the public doesn't care about that either. 20+ years of results show that most of the camera bodies purchased, the average is far less than 2 lenses per body and amusingly MILC's are the most prone to damage switching lenses in the field. How ironic.

The crunch time for small MILC's just may be multiple imager smartphones such as the HTC coming out soon. heck this may slaughter the rest of the P&S market.

how do you expect the MILC to survive? who's going to buy them when the market is already shrinking incredibly quickly. how many MILC companies will survive that?

For the most part small DSLR's such as the rebel line and the nikon D5/3xxx line are "good enough" for the majority of the buying public. they can buy them at walmart, costco, sams, people in every area of the world are buying these in numbers that sony, olympus, fuji,etc would have wet dreams over possibly even closely handling. DSLR's have the unit volume, the massive installed base, the used market and the retail market that the MILC's could only dream about.

if MILC was around as it is now 5+ years ago it may have been a different story, smartphones weren't good enough, they would have easily gone head to head with P&S's and camera advances were happening nearly every single release with dramatic improvement. now any camera produced today,is good enough for all but the most anal retentive of users. So the market is contracting, and MILC's are contracting more because they are getting hit from both ends and internally as most users of MILC systems will find this round to be good enough, smartphones are hitting more and more of the "good enough" and DSLR's are getting smaller.

IF DSLR's go down, so will mirrorless because it really does mean that smartphone are considered by the majority of the public as being good enough for all purposes.

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