Dear Canon, I'm not buying anymore DSLR Gear get on with the M

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Re: How long will it take to eliminate the performance gap?
In reply to Wayne Larmon, Mar 3, 2014

Wayne Larmon wrote:

T3 wrote:

Can you tell me something that a mirrorless camera can't do that a DSLR can do? For most intents and purposes, they really can. I know, because I use both. Or if there is any gap in capability, that's a gap that will diminish ever more over time.

I own an M. I spent all fall and the first month of this year waiting for Canon to release an M-Pro (or however they name it) that would solve the problems that I have with my M: Namely achieving focus in very dim light. Quickly. Finally I gave up and bought a 6D to put under my 40mm pancake lens.

This was a very reluctant purchase because I've already made the decision that I'm not going to carry around large DSLRs and lenses anymore. It is likely that the 40mm pancake will be the only lens that I buy for my 6D.

Because it isn't likely that Canon will release anything M in the immediate future, my next coping ploy will be to eBay my larger lenses and get an SL1 and the 18-55 IS STM and 55-250 IS STM to take the place of my long-in-the-tooth T2i and non-STM versions of those lenses. But I would prefer to buy an M that has an EVF and an EF-M 55-250 IS lens. (And an as-close-to-pancake-as-possible EF-M 10mm lens. My EF-S 10-22mm is on the will-be-eBayed list.)

The FF part has very little to do with size. (My 6D is the same size as my 60D.) A manufacturer can put a FF sensor in a body that is the same size as an APS body. The real issue is AF performance.

How long do you think it will take before a mirrorless camera can achieve the same drill-through-the-dark low light AF performance that my 6D has?


I have no idea.  But I would hardly use the EOS M's AF performance as a gauge of mirrorless AF, LOL.  Compared to other systems, Canon's on-sensor AF is pretty poor.

As for the issue of size, yes, a FF Canon DSLR and an APS-C Canon DSLR have the exact same body depth, because they have the exact same lens registration distance.  But both are still chunky bodies compared to mirrorless.  Here's a FF Sony A7 next to "the world's smallest DSLR", the Canon SL1.  Obviously, the SL1 is very compact compared to a 6D, or even compared to a 60D.

Without lenses, mirrorless FF (A7) vs APS-C "world's smallest DSLR" (SL1):

With lenses:

Clearly, we can see the size advantage of mirrorless.  And when you talk about m4/3, the size differential is even greater, because a lot of those m4/3 lenses are downright tiny.

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