Dear Canon, I'm not buying anymore DSLR Gear get on with the M

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Re: Consumers prefer Canon.
In reply to Rock and Rollei, Mar 3, 2014

Rock and Rollei wrote:

T3 wrote:

Rock and Rollei wrote:

Kodak are hardly a similar example; they've been on the back foot for decades, and were being whipped in film (outisde the US) for many, many years. The difference is that the companies that beat these other examples were making money; they weren't in imminent danger of failing. And Microsoft's failings are surely due to precisely the opposite fault - innovating when there was no customer demand for it - a saiutory lesson for Canon.

I love your defense here: "we're not in imminent danger of failing, so we won't fail!" LOL.

As for Microsoft's failings, they failed to see the rising value of the internet,

No they didn't

Yeah, they did.  Google took over search.  Bing has floundered because it was too little, too late.

they failed to see the rising power of mobile phones,

No they didn't

Yeah, they did.  Windows Phone 8 has a trivial 3.9% of marketshare.

they failed to the shift from desktop PC's towards mobile devices.

And again, no they didn't

Yeah, they did.  Windows Surface tablets and Windows phones have floundered because they were too late to the market.  PC sales continue to shrink as tablet and smartphone sales continue to rise.

Are you honestly arguing that they were innovating in all these areas, and that there was simply no demand in these areas!?!? LOL.

They did indeed innovate in all those areas - but got it wrong.

No, they've been playing copycat...and doing it poorly.

I can also add to this list the Zune...which was a poor and late copycat of the Apple iPod.  Yep, Microsoft missed that boat, too.  And did it poorly when they finally got into it.

Furthermore, it's naive and shortsighted to say that there is "no demand" for mirrorless, when in reality it's mainly an issue of consumer awareness.

Oh please, you sound just like politicians do over here before they lose an election. "It's not our policies people don't like," they say, "we're just not getting the message across". And then they get wiped out...

Consumer awareness drives consumer behavior.  Perception drives everything.  That's reality.

And what consumers will increasingly become aware of over time is that mirrorless cameras can do everything that a DSLR can do, except in a smaller, lighter, more compact package.

Except that's just not true.

Can you tell me something that a mirrorless camera can't do that a DSLR can do?  For most intents and purposes, they really can.  I know, because I use both.  Or if there is any gap in capability, that's a gap that will diminish ever more over time.

As for what a DSLR can't do: Can a DSLR give me focus peaking?  Focus magnification?  Can you shoot video while looking through the viewfinder?  Can a DSLR body slip into my coat pocket?  Can you make a DSLR with an off-set viewfinder?  Can you review images in the viewfinder?  Can a DSLR have a viewfinder that is larger than its sensor size?

The main practical advantage of DSLRs is longer battery life.  But other than that, I think mirrorless bodies will either match, or exceed, DSLRs in capability and function.

Unfortunately, consumers need to be educated of this fact, because they still have the false perception that "the bigger camera must be better". This is something that can be overcome with the right marketing...and with the right products that can prove it to be true.

So customers are all stupid, then, is that what you're saying? Why can't you actually credit them with the sense to know what they actually want, and buy it?

Let's face it, the average consumer goes with the herd.  Doesn't mean they are "stupid".  Plus, there is still the strong perception that DSLRs take better pictures simply because they are DSLRs.

Sadly, when Canon makes things like the EOS M (slow focus, no viewfinder, no physical controls)

Slow AF is an issue, but the other two points are what makes the M a great camera; stick an EVF in, and you straight away mean that you can't have a touchscreen interface, by far the best bit about the M, and the size has to grow to accomodate (a) the (literally) nauseating EVF, and (b) the otherwise unnecessary external controls. Which is pointless.

Wow, amazing.  You think sticking an EVF on a camera means you can't have a touchscreen interface?!?!  LOL.  And you think EVF's are "nauseating"?  LOL.  And you think that external controls are "unnecessary"?  LOL.  To all these crazy statements, I strongly recommend you go look at Sony, Oly, and Fuji mirrorless bodies, which will all prove you wrong.  Clearly, you're not the most rational person, if you believe all these things.

BTW, the same touchscreen interface found on the EOS M more or less exists on Canon's DSLRs, notably the latest SL1.

or when Nikon makes something like the 1 System (tiny sensor, no cross compatibilty with Nikon's flash system), they are deliberately selling the idea that mirrorless can't do what a DSLR can do. Fortunately, there are companies such as Sony, Fuji, and Oly proving otherwise, and there are smart, educated consumers who are finding out for themselves.

Or rather sheep, as I call them, who are easily brainwashed. There's undoubtedly a certain group who think mirrorless is cool and this season's colour; already there are sitories of more than a few switching back to DSLRs, realising that their mirrorless cameras simply won't do what they want. There are certainly quite a few for whom mirrorless cameras really are the best option, too, of course.

Hahahahaha.  On the one hand, you are calling mirrorless users "sheep", and yet on the other hand you think that none of the masses who are buying DSLRs aren't "sheep".  Hahahahah!

Let's face it, the reality is that "sheep" exist as a far greater percentage in the DSLR market than they do in the mirrorless market.  For many consumers who want to get into the ILC segment, "DSLR" is practically an automatic thought, because that's what they see everyone using.

And these companies/users will be evangelists for this knowledge. As much as you want to stop this, I don't think you can. It may take time, but the technology will only get better, the cameras will only get better, and the usership will only grow.

As much as I loved my DSLRs, I don't plan on buying another. It's not that I'm going to stop using them. It's just that my DSLR system has reached a point where I'm satisfied. The growth area for me is in mirrorless (both bodies and lenses). And I think that will eventually be mirrored in the marketplace, once people discover mirrorless. Speaking for myself, once I discovered mirrorless, that's where all my interest (and funds) went. And lets face it, DSLRs are a mature market. Newer models bring diminishing returns. Eventually, even Canon will branch out into a new market...and that market will be mirrorless. And they'll market the heck out of it, converting many of their DSLR users, and reaching new users too.

Sorry, but that's just a fantasy not bourne out by the facts. The reality is that those other companies are losing money in a way overcrowded market sector, whereas Canon have a much larger market sector nicely sewn up. Yes, at some point they will probably want more of that niche, but why lose money in it now? Let the others do that, let Sony and Olympus go bust if necessary, and then pick up whatever bits of the market they want. The real diminishing returns are in the shrinking but packed mirrorless sector, not the rather less shrinking DSLR sector with only two players.

Incidentally, I absolutely love my M, and would happily buy an upgraded one (as long as it has no EVF), and love my Pentax Q, too; there's certainly a future for mirrorless cameras, but it's just crazy to think that it's the only future or even the most important one.

Well, what can you say to someone who would only buy a camera if it doesn't have an EVF, who thinks that a camera can't have a touchscreen UI if it has an EVF, who believes EVFs cause nausea, who thinks external controls are totally "unnecessary" and "pointless", who thinks that mirrorless buyers are just "sheep" but DSLR buyers aren't...oh, and who thinks that Microsoft hasn't at all been late to the various markets that are currently lagging behind in (search, mobile, tablets, etc.).  Well, I think you just gotta let those opinions speak for themselves!

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