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Re: Canon SL1/100D vs Mirrorless
In reply to justmeMN, Mar 3, 2014

justmeMN wrote:

The Canon SL1/100D is 10% narrower, 3% shorter, (10% thicker), and weighs 18% less than an Olympus OM-D EM-1 mirrorless camera.

Just buy an SL1, and pretend that it is a mirrorless camera. If memory serves, the SL1 uses the same sensor as the EOS M2, the latter not being available in North American and Europe. As an added bonus, SL1 has superior AF speed and a viewfinder.

This is a slanted comparison because the E-M1 is one of the largest mirrorless bodies available.  So basically, you've chosen to compare the world's smallest DSLR with one of the world's largest MILC bodies!!!  LOL.  News flash: Olympus makes m4/3 bodies that are much smaller than the E-M1!  Furthermore, your comparison is highly misleading because it fails to take into consideration what these cameras look like once you attach lenses to them!  On top of that, you're comparing a metal, weather-sealed higher-end body against an entry-level, all-plastic, non-weather-sealed, lower-end body.

The SL1 might have the world's smallest DSLR body, but it's still big and chunky once you put anything other than the Canon 40/2.8 pancake on it.  I strongly suggest that, before you make any more silly size comparisons, you go handle any m4/3 body with various m4/3 lenses.  Do it next to a DSLR, with DSLR lenses.  Sizewise, there's simply no comparison.  I have the Panny 14/2.5, Panny 20/1.7, and Oly 45/1.8, and all three of these lenses can fit into my coat pocket.  Stacked on atop the other, they take up a lot less space, and weigh a lot less, than my Canon 85/1.8 EF alone.

Also, try sticking a Canon SL1 into a pocket.  Even a large coat pocket.  Even as the world's smallest DSLR, it's still a chunk of a camera.  Now try doing that with an E-M5 or E-M10.  It's easy to slip these bodies into a jacket pocket.  You *might* be able to do that with an SL1, if you had a *large* coat pocket, but it'll create a substantial bulge and you'll look pretty ridiculous.

A lot of us DSLR users are gravitating towards mirrorless because we want smaller, lighter, more compact kits.  The SL1 doesn't really solve that problem because you still gotta put DSLR lenses on it.

Let's face reality: DSLRs and MILC's each have their pros and cons.  One un-contestable pro of the m4/3 MILC system is its very compact size.  If you're trying to argue against that, you're just showing yourself to be a buffoon.

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