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Re: Consumers prefer Canon.
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T3 wrote:

Rock and Rollei wrote:

In fact those arguments are surely why Canon might need to NOT take mirrorless seriously! Why would they want to make life easier for the competiton?

Whatever, Canon has a much better grasp of the market than just about anybody else, certainly including armchair theorists - there's a clue to that in thefact that they keep making money... which is all Canon really needs to do.

I certainly agree that Canon is just doing whatever to make money. But I think we're in a transitional stage of camera technology. DSLR sales are down (at a larger rate than mirrorless sales, BTW).

Not true; they're down by quite a lot less than the fall in mirrorless sales.

The older generation (and the main defenders of DSLRs) is aging. The younger generation is growing up having never framed an image with an OVF. And we have this rapidly maturing technology that allows cameras to pretty much do everything a DSLR can do, and more (like shooting video while looking through the viewfinder), without the need for a flapping mirror. I just think that it'd be nicer if Canon were more proactive and forward-thinking. But right now, I think they are taking a defensive strategy: defend their DSLR sales at all cost, even as other brands go full steam ahead with mirrorless technology. We've all seen companies like Kodak, Blackberry, and even Microsoft take too long to react to changes in technology and changes in the market because they took the strategy of sticking to their comfort zones and defending their status quo. It's a good lesson to remember that no company is ever too big or too successful to fail.

Kodak are hardly a similar example; they've been on the back foot for decades, and were being whipped in film (outisde the US) for many, many years. The difference is that the companies that beat these other examples were making money; they weren't in imminent danger of failing. And Microsoft's failings are surely due to precisely the opposite fault - innovating when there was no customer demand for it - a saiutory lesson for Canon.

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