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Then buy a small-DSLR, the Canon SL1/100D. If memory serves, it has the same sensor as the EOS M2, which isn't available in the USA.

Canon is in the business of making a profit. All brands of mirrorless cameras are selling poorly in both North America and Europe, and the USA is where mirrorless cameras come do die and be dumped at deep discounts.

The reality is that brands like Sony, Olympus, and Panasonic simply aren't as popular as Canon is in the camera market. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about mirrorless or mirrored ILC's. Remember, Sony and Olympus have (or had) DSLRs too, and they didn't sell well either. I'm quite certain that if Canon put their powerful brand name behind a serious mirrorless push, they would be quite successful. Why? Because people buy Canon, whatever the product happens to be. The EOS M was an exception (at least initially) simply because it was way overpriced and so underwhelming upon first release. But just imagine if Canon came out with a true counterpart to the Sony A6000 or Olympus E-M10...I think we'd all find that mirrorless was suddenly selling a lot better.

And I'm not the only one who thinks this: "Why Even Canon's Competition Wants It To Take Mirrorless Seriously." Canon is tremendously influential and powerful in the marketplace, particularly in North America. When people consider buying a DSLR, most consumers in the US don't even think about any other brand other than Canon or Nikon. Now, if Canon were to suddenly say, "Hey, we have this amazing new mirrorless camera system that uses the same sensors as our DSLRs, but all in a smaller, easier-to-carry package...and it's still a Canon"...consumers would be much more willing to consider mirrorless.

Consumers prefer Canon (and Nikon). They both simply just need to put out compelling mirrorless products that can be viable alternatives to DSLRs. Canon needs to put out an EOS M with a viewfinder and a pop-up flash. Nikon needs to put out a mirrorless body with an APS-C sensor. And they need to price them at a reasonable level. Then mirrorless will take off.

I don't necessarily disagree with your overall argument, only with the very forthright statements that Canon needs to do X and Nikon needs to do Y. None of us know what either company needs to do. We might think it might be a good idea if they did something. We might also personally want them to do it but this certainty of what they need to do is certainly presumptuous, especially without an in-depth knowledge of the technology, financial and market data resources that each company has. And, please correct me if I am wrong, but we just don't have that information do we?

The work "need" refers to if they "want" to succeed in mirrorless.  But clearly, they don't really "want" to succeed in mirrorless because they want to protect their DSLR sales.  The good news, though, is that we consumers have our own needs and wants, and we can take our money elsewhere.

I've loved using SLR/DSLR equipment all my life.  But part of the reason is that there really hasn't ever been a viable alternative when it comes to ILC's.  Rangefinders were never a viable alternative because you can't use zooms, there's no AF, there's no TTL viewing, and focal lengths are limited.  But now newer technology finally offers a viable alternative: mirrorless ILC's.

In my experience, any time a new technology comes along, it's best not to ignore it and dismiss it...especially if your primary motivation for doing so is that you're simply trying to preserve the sales of your old technology.  At best, Canon can slow the uptake of mirrorless cameras by not participating in that market.  But it's not going away, and as newer/better/more advanced/less expensive mirrorless bodies enter the market, the pace is going to pick up.  Cameras like the Sony A6000, Oly E-M10, and Fuji XT1 have gotten all the attention and press lately.  Eventually, that attention filters down to the general public, raising consumer awareness.  That's a tide that can be slowed, but not stopped (regardless of how much the DSLR lovers with mirrorless to be stopped).

Speaking from personal experience, after using mirrorless gear, going out with considerably larger/heftier/chunkier DSLR gear just isn't as appealing.  I get the same images as I do with a DSLR.  I can change lenses just like with a DSLR.  Just in a smaller, easier-to-carry, less notiiceable package.

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