Dear Canon, I'm not buying anymore DSLR Gear get on with the M

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Re: Dear Canon, I'm not buying anymore DSLR Gear get on with the M
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Dear Canon,

Have been a canon shooter for 30 years, even though my mother worked for nikon in the 60s-80s.

Loved growing up canon loved my slurs, loved my first 10D, my 30D, 40D, 5DI and 5DIII.... Love ALL my canon lenses, L and non L glass!

But i am done with large scale heavy digital photography!

but you are still in large scale heavy digital photography. if you are truly wanting out of it micro 4/3's or nikon 1 is the way to go.

I use m4/3 and EOS M. As far as sensor size goes, m4/3 would be the smallest I would ever go, especially if you plan on investing long-term in an ILC system. Nikon's 1" sensor is just too small. I think they really painted themselves into a corner with such a tiny sensor. Such a small sensor is too limiting.

Nikon really goofed with their choice of sensor size, in my humble opinion. I can attest to the below-par performance of their current 1" sensor based on my experience with my Nikon 1 J3. There is visible chroma and luma noise below mid-tones even at low ISO settings, and I mean without pixel-peeping. Canon got the sensor size right but didn't develop any new auto-focus systems and just used the existing live-view system from their DSLR line of cameras. It's still a great start, with slow auto-focus performance being its only weakness, and I hope that we will see more serious choices from them going forward. M4/3 is also a good compromise, with a bit more emphasis on size reduction. Current M4/3 sensors are quite good for their size class, and there are lots of very good M4/3 lenses as well. Canon still has the most complete lens family, though, and that's their real trump card, and those lenses all work great on the EOS M.

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