X-S1 first impressions (and versus a HS50)

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Re: X-S1 first images (10)
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jcmarfilph wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Here's a few of my first images. These are along a regular walk I do, which I did on purpose to get some comparable shots.

Here's some using EXR mode on the X-S1, and are all JPEG from the camera, PP'd in Lightroom:

These are all in P mode, and are from Raw images from the camera, again PP'd in Lightroom:

And these last few are similar shots from the HS50:

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Andy Hewitt
Using FujiFilm HS50EXR and Apple iMac 27" 3.2GHz

couldn't tell the difference between the two, images are too small. But one thing for sure, HS50 resolved better detail on the long end.

For sure, it's hard to see on a web based imaged - that'll always be the case.

Post the full size images of a landscape shot (same lighting, exposure,NR lowest, sharpness standard) in low ISO then we will see how far is x-s1 from hs50. If youre going to shoot x-s1 @ 6mp then shoot the hs50 at 16mp then resize it down to 6mp. Of x-s1 @ 12mp then resize hs50 to 12mp.

From the images I can see on my screen here, the difference is in favour of the X-S1. Of course it might matter more depending on the EXR mode selected, a 6MP image is probably not going to look as good as a 16MP image. However, the X-S1 is giving cleaner images, and batter colours in all modes.

Color is subjective and can be deceiving. 6mp is a joke resolution for a camera with 2/3 sensor. I would maximize it to 12mp to get it closer to hs50 in resolution.

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Andy Hewitt
Using FujiFilm HS50EXR and Apple iMac 27" 3.2GHz

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-=[ Joms ]=-


As the owner/user of both cameras…thanks for sharing your opinion.


Everything is subjective!

I prefer a flippy screen to a twister.

I’m not posting this to support my XS1 purchasing decision but rather as a rebuttal to your ongoing HS50 hyperbole.

The XS1 was built to a higher standard than the HS series.

The XS1 produces images with higher acuity and clarity than the HS series even though it was designed and manufactured earlier than the latest HS series camera.

The S100FS produces images with higher acuity and clarity than the XS1 even though it was designed and manufactured earlier than the XS1. Notice a trend here?

The XS1 is a much nicer camera to use when compared to the S100fs and while I have been (and continue to be) somewhat disappointed with the absolute detail rendered by the XS1, it is better than the HS series and that is my ‘cut off’ threshold.

In the long ago past I simultaneously owned a Honda 1000 Hurricane and a Kawasaki ZX10. The Kawasaki was quicker, faster and handled a tad better. The Honda was designed and built to a higher standard. The Kawi had the ‘engine’, the Honda performed almost as well at the extremes and was more pleasurable to drive all of the time. I couldn’t exploit the true performance of either bike but the quality of the Honda always drew me in. The HS50 has longer reach, faster processing and AF when compared to the XS1. I don’t find any of these attributes contribute to helping me get images with the quality I strive for while using the current sensor employed in the HS series; all the while the XS1 is more pleasurable to use.

So…the XS1 continues to be my bridge camera touch stone.

and obviously, IMO


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