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Re: Bait and switch

Mark B. wrote:

Can honestly say I've never had this happen to me. All I can suggest is to stay with known, reputable dealers - B&H, Adorama, Amazon, Calumet Photographic to name a few. Otherwise any deal that looks too good to be true probably is and should be avoided.

Don't think that this doesn't happen with Amazon. Amazon allows independent sellers to list items for sale and some of them are just as guilty to this tactic as the seaziest of the worst B&M stores.

I ordered a replacement Fuji F200EXR from Amazon after a friend of a friend lost mine in a taxi cab. It was listed at a great price but when I received the box it contained a F330EXR. It took 3 days for the dealer to acknowledge that he did not have any F200's left and that I should consider keeping the F330 as it was a 'better, more expensive camera'. Of course I sent it back, it was not what I wanted.

Go to Amazon right now and look at the feedback rating for the Brother TN-450 toner

Go into the ratings and select the view for 1-star and 2-star reviews to see complaints from purchasers who state they did NOT receive genuine products; it seems that some Amazon fulfillment agency was pulling a fast one for a while.

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