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A sign of the times

If you drive a car, you no doubt see a lot of aggressive, angry driving. Same thing. People are getting nastier by the day, and most of us have learned to play the game. It is a way of passing time.

But you can get good advice here. Ask a question, and just ignore stuff you think is a part of the forum-jumper game (or play the game with them if you enjoy it). You will always get some meaningful answers. If you want to know about a specific lens, ask the question. You might get different takes on it, but you pick and choose as to which is probably right. The DPR Nikon lens forum is excellent.

But a forum should never be a place that you look to for a purchase decision. It's more about learning the right questions. I often learn aspects of a particular product that I had not considered, and this can lead to more investigation on other sites. There are so many expert reviews on things these days that you can find the answers you need without forums, if you know the right questions. Forums help with that.

And you know, you will begin to identify with some of the characters. Larry Wilson and Reily D. are completely different people, but I enjoy the comments by both. It's kinda like a little soap opera. I like it. Hey, I just got the Nikon 24-70 lens. I was advised to get it months ago in the lens forum, but I decided to go a different way. They were right. I was wrong. As soon as the real work started I knew I had screwed-the-pooch. Now I have more lenses than the law should allow. One of them is a Nikon 24-70.

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