What is this forum for?

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Re: What is this forum for?

Robin Casady wrote:

I joined this forum about 12 years ago. I notice that the caliber of the posts varies with the proximity to a new camera release. When a major upgrade, such as the D700 to D800, occurs there is more useful info here than between releases.

If there is nothing to talk about, people tend to troll and squabble.

This is pretty much it - well sumed up.  No new camera out, D600 oil issues beat to death. Same goes for D800 AF.  Once the DF feature set was discussed a million times, that got old too.  So in between serious questions, we get bored and squabble a bit.  Usually someone such as Shotcents gets it going, but at least with Robert you pretty much know what to expect.  Then you get the fellows that want to be ignorant in what they think is a polite way, and then go "I don't want to argue". At least with Robert there's no pretense.

Some of us hope that someone will post an intelligent question because it usually leads to useful information. I've learned a lot on this forum over the years. I feel my technical skills have improved because of it.

So, if you have a few questions, be sure you have thought them through. Provide background on skill level, photographic intent, and preferences. You wont get a useful response if you ask what lens to use when you don't say what it is to be used for.

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