Quantum Turbo 2x2 battery pack from 4/5 Sub-C to AA experiment

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Testing completed...
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I have completed my testing where I plugged in two T5D-Rs and hit the fire button 100 times.  Then let the pack discharge. Recharge.  I repeated this cycle three times without any issues.

MichaelVadon wrote:

The Quantum Turbo 2x2 battery pack has the 4/5 Sub-C cells inside which wear out and usually at the most inopportune moments. During those slow winter months the packs sit around and if you are not diligent to keep them fully charged then they will go out on you. The same goes for any conventional NIMH battery.

The 4/5 sub-Cs in the 2x2 according to Quantums website are about 40% faster at recycling the flash then the AAs inside the Turbo SC packs. Those AAs in the Turbo SC are Sanyo/Panasonic 1650 mah flat top AA.

I spoke with www.nicdlady.com and they agreed to re-cell the Turbo 2x2 with 12 Imedion 2400 mah cells and my Turbo SCs with 8 Imedion 2400 mah cells. I sent them 1 Turbo 2x2 to re-cell. When I get the battery pack back then I will put it through a torture test comparing them to my other Turbo 2x2s. Basically, I will hook up 2 Quantum T5D-Rs and then activate them 100 consecutive times to see how they hold up. I will compare the recycle times to the other packages.

My expectation is for the Imedion celled packs to be slower then the 4/5 Sub-C packs, however, I believe the Imedion celled packs will last at least twice as long and be less maintenance. If I left the Imedion packs unused for 6 months they will be in a lot better shape the the 4/5 Sub-C ones. I have some Eneloop batteries which I purchased in 2010 and I had also purchased some Powerex 2700 ones at the same time. The Powerex 2700s were in the trash at some point in 2012 not taking charges anymore where as the Eneloops are still in service today.

One thing to note is that 9 times out of 10 you will not be using full power. So the issue of recycle time will be secondary to reliability and endurance.

So lets see what happens. I will have the packs back in a week and report the results in this thread.

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